Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hanging Out With Sherry

I intended to publish this post this morning and it has been a crazy day of preschool (what else?!?) and Sam throwing up at school. Fun times. But better late than never for this post, right?
The last blog friend we visited on our Southern Road Trip was sweet Sherry and her family in North Carolina. Sherry's daughter, Mattie, was stillborn in June 2013 and I've been praying for her family every day since then. And I know some of you have been as well. At the beginning of March, Sherry and her husband, Eddie, welcomed their rainbow baby, Mattox into their lives. I was so excited to finally hug Sherry and hold Mattox. But on our way to Sherry's we had another stop to make...
After years of reading about Chick-Fil-A we decided to make that our lunch stop on the way from Amy's to Sherry's. I had the most amazing Cobb salad, some waffle fries, and a frosted lemonade. Rachel decided to let Chick-Fil-A know what she thought of their decorating and pulled the burlap "Lemonade" sign off this display. I was so embarrassed. After that little incident, we promptly got in the car and went to meet up with Sherry.

I'm going a little out of order here because these next pictures were taken on our second day there, but I was so happy to hold Mattox. And we even got a picture with Mattie too :)
Sam and Rachel really enjoyed hanging out with Evan and Brody.
These two really are a lot alike, much as Sherry and I suspected :)
These two aren't that dissimilar either :)

On Thursday we spent the day in Raleigh. First up was some southern BBQ. I had the best fried okra of the trip, and some BBQ tofu. It was delicious!
Then we headed off some museums. First up was the North Carolina Museum Of History. The four kids ran wild, and generally had a great time. Next time I want to actually visit the museum instead of just chasing our four children through the displays :)
Then we headed off to the Natural Sciences Museum where we got in the middle of a dinosaur attack!
And I took a picture of the seal of North Carolina.
On Friday, we celebrated Evan's 8th birthday (which was that day) and Sam's 6th birthday which was three days later. Thanks for being willing to share your birthday celebration, Evan.
We were hoping to end our day off with some mini golf before we headed out, but it was just too rainy. We had such a great time meeting Sherry, Eddie, Evan, Brody, and Mattox and can't wait until we get to hang out together again.

*You can read about Day 17, our final road trip day, here.


  1. How much fun! I love that you all were able to meet in person. I so wish that I could have been there too.

    1. We wish that too, Tracy! Definitely next time. We need to plan our big trip to Florida together! ;-)

    2. It was all so very fun! That was quite an epic game of Monopoly, and Dave was a champ to play with them. I am using that game in some very important life lessons for Evan. He gets so upset when he loses or doesn't do as well at something, and I am now reminding him what a great sport Dave was every time he got sent to jail. Haha! It was definitely an epic visit, and I stole some of these pictures you got of the kids together. :-)

    3. By the way, is there a way to move Canada and NC closer together so we can have more frequent visits? ;-)


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