Wednesday, February 08, 2023

The Rest Of My January Reading

Here are the books I read in the last half of January. Thankfully, my streak of good January reading continued for which I am very grateful.

This was another story where the main characters draw people around them. This book made me want to go back to Paris and find the bookstore so I could become a part of the community too! And it makes me sad to realize I'm closer to the age of (or even older than) the wife/mother as opposed to the young adult main character. I definitely don't feel old :)

Last year I found out about the Decades Reading Challenge (you can see more information here) and I think I found out about it through my blog friend, Bekah. I started strong but then fell off the challenge in about March. So this year I'm trying again. This was one of the books I chose to read this month for this challenge and I really enjoyed it. I'm currently reading another book about Nellie Bly because I find her story so interesting. 

This was a really fun romcom and, if I rated romcoms at 5 stars, this one might get that. It was fun, easy to read, and I really like the role the moose played in it :)

I never thought I would be so into a book about snails. And the only reason I'm sad I read it is because I love escargots and now I don't know if I can ever eat them again. This is a short book which made me glad for my good health as well as more intrigued by snails than I ever thought I could be. You should check it out.

Speaking of being "more intrigued than I ever thought I could be," did you all know about James Garfield?!?!?! He was president of the US for just six months in 1881, and he didn't even want to be the president. I think I first heard about this book through Sharon (of SharonSaysSo fame on Instagram) and I never thought I would be so interested in this book. It was an amazing story of Garfield's time as president (did you know he basically NEVER campaigned for the role) and a devastatingly sad story of egotistic doctors who basically killed him (although it's questionable if they knew any better).

I'd heard so many people rave about how great this book was and now you can add me to the list. I read this in one sitting and I was drawn in by the premise. I was sad about parts of this book (be warned). I'd like to think I wouldn't open my string but, if everyone around me was, I don't know if I'd be able to hold strong.

So that was the remainder of my January reading. It felt like a great way to kick off my reading year and I'm still so thrilled that my slump (which lasted the majority of 2022) seems to be kicked to the curb -- at least for now.

Total January books read: 16


  1. Thanks for sharing- I need more books in my queue!

  2. I definitely wouldn't be able to resist opening the box with the string! I read One Summer in Paris and The Tourist Attraction in the past as well.

  3. Wow! 16 books, impressive. I think I read one in January.

  4. I picked The Measure for our in person book club, I'm excited to read this one! And going to look at that Decades challenge.

  5. Also just checked out The Tourist Attraction :)

  6. Ah, loved that wild snail book! And surprised by the James Garfield one; it seems so out of your normal context of reading!

  7. I added The Measure to my TBR and see that the Garfield book is already on my list.

  8. These all sound so great! I'm especially interested in the first and last ones.


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