Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The Weekend What

We had a fun, slightly crazy, busy weekend.

On Friday night, as you may have read about yesterday, we hosted 24 youth from our church (in two groups) for the soup course, of a progressive supper. One of the sponsors had a huge pail of soup leftover from the youth retreat a few months ago, so I didn't have to make the soup. However, I did bake buns as my contribution. And Rachel enjoyed setting out napkins at each spot (as you can see in the picture on the left) as her contribution. We really enjoyed having everybody over.
On Saturday morning, Sam had religious school, Rachel had Tot Shabbat, and Dave filled in for teaching Tot Shabbat. We also got a map printed for Rachel.
Ever since we bought Sam his magnetic map, I've been wanting to find something similar for Rachel to help document her travel memories. As I was catching up on blog reading last week, I found this post from my friend, Bekah, and she linked to this map. I fell in love. Thankfully, Dave did too :)

On Friday, I found a local person who will work with us to create a similar Canada map and Miss Rachel will be ready to "souvenir her map" as she puts it! I will post pictures as this project progresses, but I'm really excited about it.

For lunch on Saturday I got the last cold Coke in our house but Dave prevented malaria by drinking tonic water with quinine. We still don't know who got the better end of the deal on that one :)
We took advantage of our free Saturday afternoon to go skating, and it was Rachel's first time ever. (You will get to read more about this tomorrow.)
Then we walked home via the bakery and got macarons and pain au chocolat. Yummmmmm.
I'm calling this "the weekend we cleared out our freezers" because supper on both Friday and Saturday night used up (old-ish) freezer items. It was awesome!

On Saturday night Dave and I got to go to a choir concert featuring songs from Shakespeare. It was amazing! Sunday morning we went to the church where Sam is doing LOGOS this year because his group was presenting during the service. I may have cried to see him up at the front singing.
 Then Rachel and I had a mini photo shoot because it was so beautiful out.

On Sunday afternoon we had our friends' three (blognonymous) kids. And we cleared more things out of the freezer by letting the kids paint in the snow with really old freezies. They enjoyed it for the two minutes it lasted. (I should have thawed more freezies.)

And then on Sunday night we went out to supper to celebrate Janice and Tessa's birthdays. And A, my youth, came too. I think I've been eating too much hot 'n ready pizza because the pizza I ordered was pretty much the best pizza I've ever eaten.

brownies for the birthday girls :)
And then we came home and were all asleep before ten. And after reading this recap, I completely understand why. Ha!


  1. How FUN!! Would you believe I have never been skating? I fear it would result in a broken something {ankle, head, whatever} but I would still love to try!

    And nice use of blognonymous!! :)

  2. Busy busy! This post made me so hungry. :D (We've been eating a lot of our leftovers as well--ha!)

  3. Such a busy and fun weekend. So is any of that snow starting to melt yet? I am glad the weather is starting to warm up for you all. Love the family ice skating picture. I will likely never get one of those because I couldn't get Eddie on a pair of skates. Sigh.


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