Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Should Have Been An Engineer

I couldn't decide between this one and another one as my favourite.
One of my favourite things to do is to go to our local mall and check out all the CANstruction projects. (And if you click on that website you can find out if there's one happening in your area. I would highly recommend checking it out.)
I loved that there was a cell phone playing Jays' games as the Jumbtron!
We stumbled on this accidentally one year and it's become an annual tradition, except last year we missed out because we were gone the whole time. I was really excited to go and check out this year's projects.
You could tell that our particular part of the country was excited about the Blue Jays and Star Wars because there were two Skydomes (okay, technically, Rogers Centres) and two Star Wars themed structures
I also really like this structure of a local landmark.
I was amazed that this structure didn't fall over. It was just so impressive.
And then there was this living room. I just loved all the detail and I really wanted to just sit on that couch, pick a book off the shelf, pull the blanket over me, and read. I had to keep reminding myself I'd be crushing all the cereal and reading cracker boxes.
I mean there was a fireplace and throw pillows. How could you not want to settle in? The more I looked at this one, the more details I discovered. (In case you couldn't tell, this was the other one I really liked!)
I thought this bird in a nest feeding her babies was really cute.
This was a "Field Of Beans" rather than another Skydome. The entire field was made of cans of beans.
And then there was the Colosseum. Having been to the actual one in Italy (not while it was still in use! Ha!), I was really impressed with all the detail in this one.

I seriously think this is one of my favourite local things to do. (Maybe I've said that before! Ha!) All the food is donated to the food bank and we get to "vote" for our favourites by donating money. We gave the kids a handful of loonies (our $1 coin) and let them decide which ones they liked best. Dave and I had slightly larger denominations to work with but it didn't make our choices any easier.

So seriously, if there is one near you, go and check it out. It is a really amazing thing to behold.


  1. Oh this is so cool and I'm super psyched that they have it in Philadelphia too! We'll have to check it out this year; thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I love it when you show these--very cool! Will have to check if they have them around us.

  3. This is so awesome!! I like the living room best!

  4. These are always so neat!

  5. Sadly, there was one in Chesapeake, VA in April, but I am late as usual. Haha! I doubt I could have gotten there anyway. These are always so neat. I can't even begin to pick a favorite although I like the covered bridge, and the living room and Colosseum are both impressive. I love that it benefits the food bank. I remember when I worked in VA our office participated in an annual competition among law firms to raise food for the food bank. It was really fun to organize fund raising events in our office to encourage participation. :-)


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