Friday, March 04, 2016

February Goals, Revisited

Here's how I did on my goals for February:

1) Go to a Siskins' game. We actually got to TWO games this month so that was exciting. Sadly, the season is now over so we'll have to find new ways to entertain ourselves until September comes. I have a feeling we'll manage...!
2) Enjoy a stay-cation for the Family Day Weekend. We did! You can read all about it here and here.
3) Order an address stamp for us. Our new address stamp is currently sitting at Dave's aunt and uncle's house and his parents will bring it back for us when they go to visit. My hand is already happier about the next holiday card season :)

4) Make regular trips to the library with the kids and institute nightly reading times again. We absolutely did this. I would say we read about five times a week. We went through a couple of hundred library books this month with all our reading. Whew.
5) Get out tobogganing as a family. We did this as a part of our stay-cation and had so much fun!
6) Clean up the laundry area of the basement. I made some really good progress on this and it looks so much better. Yay!
The left is the "before" picture and the right side is the "after" picture.
7) Start making definitive plans for our summer road trip. Unfortunately, we didn't get as far on this as I had hoped. As in, I sent one e-mail to someone about getting together. I'll have to keep working on this.

8) Enjoy some quality time in my new chair, wrapped up in my blanket, reading some great books. And then tell you about them. I think I read about twelve books this month. I had a great reading month. And I even wrote about three of the books I read. (You can read the reviews here, here, and here.)
From these pictures it appears that I can't read without a snack. Ooops.
9) Take advantage of the extra day of the year by cooking a new recipe. I made broccoli tots and they were really good. I can't wait to make them again. Yum!
10) Redeem the coupon I received from my in-laws for Channukah and get a pedicure. I did get a pedicure and it was as lovely as I imagined. And that day, I even did Rachel's nails for her.
So except for the lack of planning for our summer vacation, I feel like I did fairly well with my goals this month.

If you made New Year's resolutions, how are they going for you? Feel free to share...


  1. A COUPLE HUNDRED BOOKS??? I think your March goal needs to be to have your own library! That ROCKS!!!

  2. I love all of the reading that's going on at your house. We really need to step it up in that department. The mani/pedi looks so nice. My girls are wanting to get one done over Spring Break.

  3. Good job on your reading! Weekly library trips have been one of the things I've most enjoyed about being home.

  4. As usual, you had a very ambitious list of goals, and it looks like you did a great job of accomplishing them. And since most of them were about enjoying life together, it really sounds like you had a great month! :-)


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