Monday, March 07, 2016

Project 366: Days 58 Through 64

February 27, 2016 -- I bought macarons from a local bakery. They were so good I might just have to go back every day again.
February 28, 2016 -- We enjoyed cheering the Siskins on to victory at one of their last home games of the season.
February 29, 2016 -- Rachel helped me put together some IKEA furniture. The Allen key hurt our hands so wearing a pot holder helped with that!
March 1, 2016 -- It was a cold day so I enjoyed tea from my new teapot.
March 2, 2016 -- Rachel had a small bout of the stomach flu and crashed on the futon after school.
March 3, 2016 -- Since Rachel stayed home from school, Sam wanted a break too. He spent a couple of hours playing "car baseball," a game he invented.
March 4, 2016 -- We hosted 24 youth for the soup portion of a progressive supper. Rachel had a birthday card ready for A, the youth I mentor, as it was her birthday earlier in the week.


  1. Hope Rachel is feeling better! Those macarons look amazing! I'm getting ready for my Easter sugar splurge. :D

  2. Yum, macarons! Rachel and Brody are such great little helpers. I love it! I hope Miss Rachel is feeling all better now. Strangely, I came down with a little fever and sore throat earlier this week with the weather warming up to about 90 degrees. I felt sick after spending an afternoon in the heat on Tuesday. Yuck! We haven't been sick at all this year so it was just strange it happened when the weather was warming up. I just need to be done with is before we leave for our Spring Break trip next week. :-/


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