Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week In The Life -- Wednesday

Rachel washing her hands before preschool

Yesterday was a mess. Sam woke up feeling sick. At first he complained of a sore throat and being tired. So my plan was to keep him at home and keep Rachel at home too. However after about ten minutes of Rachel annoying Sam, I began to look for other options. Thankfully, my friend lives three doors down and her parents babysit for her, so her dad came over to sit with Sam so I could run Rachel to preschool. I did a load of laundry (and yes, I hung it outside because I am insane that way! And it was also relatively warm yesterday -- +3C.), and found online videos for Sam to watch.
Then I came home and made myself some tea and a bagel to eat while Sam continued to watch videos. I did more laundry, including changing Sam's bedding, and during that time, Sam fell asleep on the couch. I took him upstairs to his bed and went downstairs to do treasurer stuff for the preschool. After a few minutes, I thought I heard kids yelling outside. Then it hit me that it was Sam crying upstairs. I raced upstairs and discovered that Sam had thrown up while lying down so it was in his hair, on his pillow and on his (formerly) clean bedding. I called Dave to pick Rachel up from preschool, and tried to comfort Sam. I also threw all his bedding in the washer, including his pillow, on the "sanitize cycle." I thought that was probably a good thing to do :)
After Dave dropped off Rachel at home, Sam fell asleep again so Rachel and I went upstairs to hang out. I organized my shirt drawer because an organized shirt drawer makes everything better, right!?!?

I fed Rachel lunch and finished the Chanukah banner I'd been working on all week. Then I hung it up because I was so excited that it was finally finished. Yay! Plus Chanukah starts in a week so I don't think it's too early to decorate. Although Dave does. Oh well, he wasn't home!
I put Rachel down for her nap and she insisted on lying on the "bed" she had made on her rug using change pads. That lasted for about ten minutes before she was jumping around really loudly so I put her in her crib.
Then because both kids were asleep (or close to it I hoped), I spent some time snacking and blogging. I was intending to read as well but then Sam woke up.
He was pretty inconsolable so I gave him some Advil and then, because he kept saying "It hurts, Mommy" over and over, I called a nurse-mom-friend of mine to get some advice. She helped a lot. When my kids are sick I really wish I was a trained doctor. I convinced Sam to eat a popsicle and, between that and the Advil, he perked right up. He even played some iPad. He looks like he's wearing lipstick in this picture but it was just a really red popsicle.
I realized at about 3:00 that I hadn't had lunch yet so I made myself a tuna sandwich and an infusion of caffeine :) I kept blogging, Sam kept playing iPad, and Rachel kept not napping. Oh yeah, did I mention that Rachel wasn't napping this entire time. Yes, it was pleasant. I had put Sam's bedding in the dryer (yes, I do use it once in awhile) but sadly, Sam's pillow wasn't getting dry. I really shouldn't have washed it because it turned into a big, wet lump. Pleasant.
Yes, the above right picture is the product of Rachel not napping. Dave got home and I headed out to Wal-Mart to get Sam a new pillow. (We just tossed the old one out after losing hope it would ever get dry.) Dave made supper and dealt with a melting down Rachel while I was gone.
We ate supper with Rachel losing it over the smallest things like having the wrong colour cup and not getting a cracker. I ate my supper and then decided that, even though it was only 5:30, she was going to bed.
I rocked Rachel and then I folded some laundry. Sam and I Facetimed my parents until our iPad ran out of battery. Then we Skyped them. Sam started feeling unwell towards the end of the call and then he had a complete and total meltdown which broke my heart. I knew he was upset because he was feeling awful and just wanted to go to bed, but, because of the earlier throwing up incident, he really needed a bath. Dave bathed him while he was crying and I made Sam's bed and cried too. Eventually, we got Sam calmed down and he fell asleep within about ten seconds. Literally.

Then I blogged a bit and decided to go to bed and read. If Sam is still sick today I might just end my "Week In The Life" blogs because another day of sick Sam won't be all that fun to read about. Normally yesterday morning I would have had a couple of hours to myself while Rachel was at preschool (I was going to use it to clean (part of) our house), and then, ideally, Rachel would have napped in the afternoon. However, yesterday did not go as planned, which is the definition of "life."

So tune in tomorrow to see if Rachel went to preschool today and Sam recovered, or if it was another day at home with sick Sam. I'm really hoping it's the former.


  1. Goodness, that doesn't sound like a fun Wednesday! Here's hoping today is free from barfing, tantrums, and non-napping... hang in there :)

  2. Poor Sam! I hope he is all better today. And, if we ever get a new washer, I'm putting the "sanitize cycle" as a must-have.

  3. Yikes, that day doesn't sound like such a blast. But I am pretty jealous of your sanitize cycle!

  4. Okay, I think I am very spoiled with weather because +3C doesn't sound even remotely warm to me. Maybe my F to C conversion is wrong because I compute that to about 37F, and my idea of relatively warm is somewhere in the 60F range. Haha! I love the Chanukah banner, and I wanted to tell you last night that Evan reported at dinner that he learned about Chanukah at school yesterday. He was pretty excited about that! :-) Oh my goodness, Rachel's losing it face totally cracks me up because I know that face oh so well lately! Man, they are definitely twins!

  5. Your banner turned out so cute! Great job! I'm so sorry that Sam is feeling sickly! I am praying for your little guy!


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