Friday, November 08, 2013

Other Kids Like "The Wheels On The Bus"

About a month ago, Dave and I started singing this song on colder mornings. Rachel loves it, as evidenced below, and goes around singing it.
Since we woke up to this today, it seemed like an appropriate song to share with all of you.
And it's only hovering around freezing right now. I know come February it's just going to be worse. Brrrr...

Also, since I have been low on blogging ideas lately, and it's November, I'm going to do my annual "week in the life" starting tomorrow. Then I will follow it up with "The Picture Of The Day" for the week after that. So prepare for a week of word-y blogging.


  1. I can't take her cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please, oh please, oh please, KEEP THE SNOW. it's gorgeous and I love your photo but I do not want it on my roads...

    1. I am really dreading winter. I know this snowfall will melt soon but one of these days we're going to get one that hangs around. sigh...

    2. Also, I can send Rachel your way anytime you want :)

  2. Oh my goodess, that was a whole lot of cuteness!!! My word! It has been cold there! We have cold mornings, but by afternoon, we have beautiful weather. Evan wore shorts to school today. =) You can keep your cold weather for now, but next month, I'll be wishing we had your snow for Christmas.


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