Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week In The Life -- Monday

Yesterday morning I woke up, grabbed a shower and ate breakfast. I even had a chance to make tea. Sam and Rachel were very cooperative and so we left the house early. I then ruined all our early-leaving time by remembering that it was, in fact, my turn to drive to Let's Play with Julia and her grandma. Let's Play is the weekly playgroup at our church which I am co-coordinating this year. So I uninstalled Sam's carseat and re-installed Rachel's. I also filled a bag with greens from our cedar hedge for a friend.
Rachel wanted to walk to the school and after re-considering his options, Sam decided to ride in the Chariot. Rachel joined him after about half a block. We dropped Sam off at school and rushed back home. I then uninstalled Rachel's car seat and re-installed Sam's because I remembered that Julia was rear-facing and wouldn't fit behind the driver's seat in our small car. In principle I love the safety factors of carseats and in reality I HATE the moving them around, which is why I always try to get Dave to do it.
We went to Let's Play and I visited with people and Rachel played and ate a whole ton of snack. I forgot my camera, in the Chariot (which was in our (unlocked!) garage, by the way), so I didn't get any pictures at church. I took the above picture of Miss Rachel as the camera was still trying to warm up, thus the film of condensation on the picture. I checked blogs while Rachel played, including re-decorating the living room with about fifty envelopes and lining up some people underneath my desk chair.
Then Rachel and I ate some lunch (leftovers) and I put her down for nap. Although she refused to let me rock her so she rocked herself for about five minutes at which point I put her in her crib. She had a good nap yesterday, thankfully.
During Rachel's nap, I looked through her size 4 clothes to see if I could find a pink shirt for Sam to wear to school. Today is "Wear Pink For Bullying Awareness" Day for Sam. Then I crashed on the couch with chips, dip, Coke, the iPad and my Bible Study homework. I caught up on about three sessions of Bible Study, read some random blogs, and ate way too many chips and dip. I woke up Rachel around 3 to go pick Sam up from school. It ice pelleted on us on the way home and was super-windy as we were getting the tail end of the storms which hit the Midwestern US on Sunday.

I felt really ill due to my chips and dip overload (my own dumb fault), so I asked Dave to come home early to make supper. After laughing at me, he agreed. Yay! While we waited for Dave to come home, Sam and Rachel watched Mighty Machines and I worked on a Chanukah banner.
I also menu planned up until December 29, which was kind of hard to do since I was feeling so gross. I considered it penance :) I also did some general tidying up.
Then I did some more Bible Study homework and had a very short (ten minutes?) nap on the couch. After supper the kids needed to go straight to bed so we all changed into our pjs and then I read them some Franklin stories in our bed. I rocked Rachel for one song and put her down and then put Sam to bed.
I spent the rest of the evening blogging, Facetiming with my parents, sorting through the pile of papers next to my computer and falling off a chair while trying to turn off our outside water tap. Oh, and forgetting my lesson from the afternoon and consuming way too many Toffifee. Maybe one of these days I'll learn.
And that was Monday.


  1. Rachel seems like such a fun girl. =) I can't wait to see your banner! You are so creative!

  2. I think you spent WAY too much of your day installing/uninstalling/reinstalling car seats. Yikes. I think it would be great if you could just have like 4 different cars and sets of car seats that are in all of the different configurations you could possibly need. Then you could just pick which car to drive! GENIUS SOLUTION FOR MILLIONAIRES. You're welcome!

  3. You make me feel very normal!!!! My life also consists of envelopes strewn all over the living room, toys everywhere, forgetting things, leftovers, and other such non-glamorous things!! Pinterest is not real life!! Haha! :)

  4. I love all of these glimpses into your "real" life. I also really love all of Rachel's "cheese" faces lately...so much like her twin Brody! Yes, installing car seats is a nightmare for me so I usually try to get Eddie to do that task too. Despite how "chaotic" I know life can seem, I am still really jealous of how "together" and "organized" you seem to be. My OCD wants to be like you! Haha! I also love your funny story about binge eating chips and dip on the couch. I was doing the same last night after dinner and had to make myself stop before I ate the whole bag. It had actually been a long time since I really consumed potato chips. Um, where can I get some Toffifee to try? I actually had to google it because that's one I hadn't heard of. I have never been a big hazelnut fan, but I do like Nutella since it is mostly chocolate. Does Toffifee taste similar but in a candy form instead of a spread?


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