Saturday, November 23, 2013

Week In The Life -- Friday

Yesterday morning started with another popsicle for Sam, on the condition that he would eat some of his yogurt along with it, thus, hopefully, modifying the effects of the sugar and causing better behaviour. He's been getting popsicles because he complains that his throat hurts in the morning and the cold makes it feel better. That kind of logic will get him a popsicle every time.
I packed Sam's lunch. Dave has been giving me a HUGE break this week and packing Sam's lunch and doing dishes the night before so I haven't done any dishes or packing of lunches this week. It's been like a vacation :) So yesterday I said I could do it.

After I was done packing Sam's lunch, he decided that his stomach hurt too much to go to school. I couldn't tell if he was legitimately unwell (he'd had a small bit of digestive upset the night before), or if he just wanted to play in the REALLY BIG BOX. So we set out some terms for the day (mainly a lengthy afternoon quiet time in his room) and I called the school.

Sam and Rachel then spent the next two and a half hours playing in the box.
First it was a hockey arena.
Then a classroom or letter sorting factory.
Then a restaurant. It was awesome!

During this time I read blogs, responded to blog comments (as you all might have been able to guess!), did some general tidying and organizing, and drank a whole bunch of tea. It was actually kind of peaceful. My original plan had been to go to the gym and put Rachel in childcare so it was nice to get a lot of small things done around the house.
I made the kids an egg carton lunch which Sam devoured and Rachel picked at. Then I tossed them both in the bath. They love having "both baths." I should clarify that, ever since I was pregnant with Rachel, Dave has done about 99.9% of the bathing, sometimes with me lending a supporting hand or two. So I always feel like I've accomplished a huge task when I bathe the kids on my own. (Note to my readers: Dave accomplishes this huge task on his own about three times a week while I do it about once a year. Maybe.)
After their bath, I put Rachel down for nap and Sam down for quiet time. He actually spent the entire two hours quietly in his room which led me to believe he was actually feeling a little unwell. It's sometimes a judgement call as to whether he's healthy enough for school or not, so I was glad that I felt like yesterday's decision was a good one.
Then I made myself a salad and read the rest of Allegiant for a good two hours. It was awesome. Allegiant made me cry though. I'm really glad that with this series, and The Hunger Games, I only found out about them right before the last book in the series came out so I never had to wait more than a few weeks between books. It's a good way to read a series :) Especially a really good one.

After the kids' quiet time/nap, it was time to eat supper. I made Kraft Dinner with tuna and peas and then we got ready for Rachel's preschool Family Celebration. The kids got snack bags and could do crafts, face painting and play some games. Then each preschool class performed a few songs. Rachel was all about hanging out with her teacher and looked slightly shell shocked up on stage, especially when everyone clapped.

We weren't particularly interested in anything from the Silent Auction but then, right at the end, Sam found a giant Cars puzzle which he really wanted so he wrote his name down and then stood guard so no one else could bid on it. Fortunately other interested parties understood his intense need to own this puzzle and didn't outbid him.
After Sam had won his item, Dave and the kids left and I stayed for about an extra hour to help clean up. I got a whole litre of cream and a bag of Starbucks tea bags out of the deal so I felt like it was worth it! When I got home, Dave and the kids were doing the giant puzzle and had discovered that it had an entire puzzle to be coloured on the opposite side.
Sam coloured while Dave put Rachel to bed and I did some dishes.
After Sam was in bed, Dave made some nachos for us and we watched...ummm, five... episodes of Modern Family.
After that action packed day, where I was actually in my pajamas until 5pm when we had to leave for the preschool party (!), I went to bed.

And this ends my Week In The Life of intensive blogging. Thanks for following along with my oh-so-exciting happenings :)


  1. I really enjoyed reading your posts this week. You are such an amazing person, it's fun to know all that you do! We do 'both baths' for Addi and Karsyn every night. Jason and I rock, paper, scissors to see who gets the honor. lol. Payton and Evan have been able to shower on their own for a while now and it is nice. Well, except for the fact that they turn the bathroom floor into a pool. ha! I hope you get a lot more use out of that big box. It's great that you asked for it. =) Rachel looked super cute for her program. I love her little jumper dress. I'm glad that Sam won the puzzle. I can see that getting played with for hours!

  2. How cute is Rachel in that dress!? I hope Sam is on the mend! :)

    1. Sam has been doing much better since Saturday, thanks for asking. And the dress which Rachel is wearing, which has matching undershorts too, was handed down to us before she was born. I have been looking forward to her being able to wear it for almost three years now!!!


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