Monday, November 25, 2013

Picture Of The Day -- Sunday

 Indoor mini golfing with Tim, Janice, Tessa and Willem
Ice cream date with Sam
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Let's just say I wasn't calm AT ALL last night but I was wearing my green and white all day.
THIS is why I wasn't calm last night!!!

I promise to be less wordy (and hyper!!!) tomorrow :)


  1. That is so funny how they enclose your mini golf! It looks like a temporary thing, right? I guess it makes sense...with winter being so long there, they would never be able to turn a profit if they were closed half the year!

  2. Indoor mini golf looks like so much fun! Who won? The poinsettias are so pretty! I'm really starting to get in the Christmas spirit! Sam looks adorable with his ice cream cone. Glad he's feeling better!

  3. Yay for your team winning! That is awesome! Now, I must beg your pardon to cheer on our beloved Carolina Panthers for a Super Bowl win this year (it would be our first after feeling cheated by the New England Patriots in 2008). We are a fairly new and young NFL football team and could really use the boost to our ego. We do have a bright and shining young star quarterback and are on a 7 game winning streak so things are looking promising this year. :-)

    Tell Sam that if he ever gets down here to see us we'll go play all the best mini-golf places in Myrtle Beach (I told you that's mini-golf capital of the world...haha!).


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