Saturday, April 19, 2014

Coast To Coast Chips Walk

Wednesday was our last day in New Zealand and we woke up in Auckland. Dave and I decided to spend the day doing the little known Coast To Coast Walk. This is a 16 kilometre walk across Auckland which takes you from the Pacific Ocean across to the Tasman Sea.
We stopped at the i-Site (tourist spot) underneath the Sky Tower to gather what information we could. Sadly, there was not a lot we could find so with a not very detailed map in hand, we set off.
Our walk started at the Auckland Harbour.

Then we found some green space...
...a working flower clock...

...interesting door handles...
...and an egg! Remember Christchurch???
We ended up at the Auckland Domain, home to the Auckland Museum and the Wintergarden. The yellow Coast to Coast signs were very important to us!
After walking through the city some more, we eventually hiked up to the top of a volcano where we had amazing views of Auckland. I thought the cone of the volcano, which we were aggressively warned to STAY OUT OF, was really interesting.

It was at this point though, not quite halfway through the walk, that things started to fall apart. We were out of water, with no clear place to buy more, we were hungry, and we tried three different paths before we figured out where to go next. After hiking up and down the volcano about three times, we were extremely hungry and thirsty, and I was getting a headache. We decided to detour out of our way to stop for lunch and then decide whether or not to continue.
Lunch was some very tasty fish and chips. However, they did not revive us as much as we had hoped they would, so we made the decision to catch a bus back to our hotel, which was located in the Central Business District. I was sad not to finish our walk, but considering I had a two hour nap for the rest of the afternoon, I think we made the right decision.

We grabbed some supper, packed our bags, and prepared to leave the country the next day. And yesterday's post's ps filled you in on those adventures!

*To see the last of my New Zealand pictures, go here.


  1. I love that you attempted it and had a similar experience to ours! In hindsight I wish we had given up and not finished - after One Tree Hill it was just a let down - so don't worry, you probably saw most of the good stuff!

    1. It's good to know we saw most of the good stuff. I think if the walk had been better signed around the crater we would have gone farther but we were both really starting to fade.

  2. Sounds like an adventure! I love the flower clock. The cleaver door handles are interesting. lol

  3. The trees in NZ remind me of the lowcountry of South Carolina...if you visit there next summer I will come find you for sure!! I get dizzy without food as well...other than that, your walk sounded like a very fun adventure! I know you missed your sweet children, but 2 weeks away sounds wonderful (even though I love my children very much!! ;)

  4. Sounds like a fitting end to your adventure even though you didn't finish the walk. Sounded like you needed your rest for the traveling adventures ahead. And yum, some fish and chips sound so good right now! :-)


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