Monday, March 31, 2014

'Twas The Day Of Sam's Birthday

'Twas the day of Sam's birthday and all through the house
All the creatures were stirring, including my spouse!
The streamers were hung from the ceiling with care
In hopes that the party guests soon would be there.
And I in my apron, assembling the cake,
Was wondering how long, to ice it, would take.
Taped to the wall, in the shape of a '5'
Were pictures highlighting Sam's fifth year alive.
While Sam in the playroom, was thrilled with his present,
Building with Lego, and finding it pleasant.
 When out on our door step, arose such a clatter
We sprang from our chairs to see what was the matter.
When what to our wondering eyes did appear
But so many guests all full of good cheer!
Now Tessa! Now Willem! Now Ella and Ben!
Now Aaron! Now Lily! And some other good friends.
The guests were invited to make Lego place mats,
 An idea from Pinterest, are you surprised at that?
 After pizza and fruit and veggies galore
Sam blew out his candle and then there was more!
And we heard the guests call, as they drove out of sight
"Happy Birthday to Sam! And to all a good night!"

*with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore for using his lovely poem for my own purposes :)


  1. What a fun birthday party recap!!! Brilliant!! :) And the party looks pretty great too-- cupcakes lend themselves very nicely to making Lego cakes!!

  2. I love this! The party looks amazing. Sorry we missed it.

  3. What a great party!!! Did Sam just love it?

  4. This is so cute! I love the picture five idea. :)

  5. What a creative way to write about the party, and I love all the lego themed party treats and decorations! I mean, nothing says little boy quite like legos, does it? Hope Sam enjoyed his very special day!

  6. I hope Sam had a very happy birthday! And I can't help but love his party theme, although part of that may be because I too had a Lego party when I was younger, I think even for my 5th birthday too!


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