Friday, March 07, 2014

These Current Years

As much as I enjoyed hanging out with my friends' teens this past week, there are definitely highlights about the stage we're currently in. Today I thought I would share some of the things which have happened in our house lately, and which likely won't be happening in ten years.

Sam said this about Rachel on Saturday: "Mommy and Daddy, Rachel doesn't have good thoughts." He meant she didn't have good ideas, which was true!

Rachel wants to drink milk in her giraffe cup and then she carries it around and calls it her coffee.
Lately Rachel has been giving Funny Bunny lots of timeouts because "Bunny's not listening to me!" (Hmmm, I wonder where she's been getting that from?!?!?)

I love rocking my kids to sleep in their cuddly fleece pjs while they request their favourite songs. Sam doesn't let us do that very often anymore and I miss it.
Sam still says "aminals" and "granoler bar" and "prentzels" and I hope he never stops.

Right now they can be bribed to do almost anything with a Smartie!

Rachel pretends to read to herself and it is seriously the cutest thing ever.
Rachel's favourite phrase lately is "You got about it." "Got" in this case means "forgot."

Right now a kiss and cuddle can solve even the most major problems. Usually.

Last week Sam said, "Rachel you're doing a good job listening today." And Rachel responded, "Yes, but not to Mommy." I laughed so hard, partly because it was so true :)
Kids are so fun at this stage as they are figuring out the world and how they relate to it. It's been amazing to watch Sam learn to read these past few months and to watch Rachel mimic being a parent to Funny Bunny and her dolls. And even the simplest thing, like a family swim night, can be their favourite thing in the world.

While there are moments I definitely won't miss, I know there will probably be a lot more that I do.


  1. Oh the honesty of children - laughed right out loud when she said she's not listening to you!! There are days I wish I could drop my filter and say things like that too! (Not about you, of course.) Love it that you're capturing these moments. :)

    1. It would be great to be able to drop our filters once in awhile, eh?!?! And I do love that with blogging I have a good way to capture these times, because I know I won't remember them in a year. Heck, I likely won't remember them in a month :)

  2. "Yes, but not to Mommy"??!?! That is awesome. At least she's honest!!

  3. They do have their sweet/funny moments, don't they? :) Davis was doing the same time-out routine - he put his dinosaur stickers in his time-out chair yesterday, sat on the bed watching them just like we do, told them not to talk, and watched the "timer" on his fake phone to tell them when they could come out. Ha!

  4. Too funny! I did the same thing she did with "coffee" when I was a kid. (And really never stopped--just have the real thing now--ha!)

  5. Your kiddos are way too cute! I love reading all about them. =)

  6. Great moments to memorialize! Oh that Rachel! She cracks me up! And I just love the way Sam (and my Evan) still have those occasional little slip ups of speech that just let us still glimpse a little of their babyhood. I am really going to miss those! :-(


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