Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Combining Two Of My Favourite Things

Pinterest is both amazing and annoying. I love browsing and finding cool things to pin, parties I want to plan, crafts I want to attempt, and recipes I want to make. You can find a lot of neat stuff on Pinterest and that is the amazing part. I have also pinned 333 of those recipes, crafts and birthday party ideas. Am I really going to do all 333 things? I highly doubt it and my "Pin-ished"  board (I know, so original!) only has 47 items on it. This is why Pinterest is both amazing and annoying.

Anyways... that is not what I was going to write about. I wanted to show you something I pinned and actually finished. Not only did I do all of that but I had a ton of fun with it, used my glue gun (Yay!), and now want to open an Etsy shop so I can spend all my time making and selling these items!

On a board I call "Fun For Me!!!" I pinned the following tea wreath. I love tea. I love wreaths. How could I go wrong?

Then, as these things tend to go, I forgot about having pinned this "amazing idea" and went about my life. However the day before Janice's birthday, I was browsing Pinterest and saw this wreath again and I thought, "I could make this for Janice for her birthday. It's perfect!" So I got the kids dressed, ran some quick errands (mainly to buy some scrapbook paper and clothespins), and started working.
It was at this point that two things happened. 1) It was time to go out for supper to celebrate Tessa's birthday and 2) I remembered that Janice doesn't really drink tea out of bags. After checking with Janice at supper, but without telling her why (and leaving her intrigued or confused -- I'm not sure which), I picked up some Irish and English Breakfast Teas and continued on my merry way.
 I just couldn't wait to finish adding all the clothespins before I started adding some tea!
I was quite pleased with my finished product and thankfully, Janice liked it. Or at least she pretended to like it :) This was a fun, rather quick, project and if you have a tea lover in your life, I would highly recommend making one for them. And if you don't know anyone to make it for, you could make it for me!


  1. This is so lovely...maybe I'll make it for my mom and mother in law for Mother's Day! :)

  2. Great idea and great idea implementing it! I love the way it turned out!

  3. I love it! What a great idea!

  4. Um this is awesome! It would look cute in a kitchen!


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