Tuesday, March 07, 2023

I Spy: Week 9

It's another "I Spy" post. I really struggled with the "on time" prompt until I was looking through my camera roll and found the perfect picture. Or if not "perfect," at least I felt I could make it fit the prompt!

Let's Play iSpy 2022 

Window View – Quarterly

I tried this last year and I'm going to see if I can get all four seasons this year. This is actually the "view" from Sam's bedroom "window" looking at the tree in our front yard. This was before we shovelled the intense amount of snow we received on Friday night. Blah.

Topped off

After all our snow shovelling, Dave made challah French toast but I don't like breakfast. So Sam made me a breakfast pita (one of the few things I eat) "topped off" with fresh raspberries! It was so sweet of him, and he even served it on one of my new Fiestaware plates.

On time


We stepped out of our midweek church program exactly "on time" for a friend to point out Venus and Jupiter hanging out above our church building. This is not the most amazing picture but it shows the two planets in the middle right portion of it.

Starts with 'P'


Our supper last night, pizza and prosecco, both "start with 'p'"! We're not usually so fancy on a Monday night but I got a lot of sparkling wine from my co-workers for Christmas and we need to drink it at some point. We'd opened a bottle to make mimosas after all our snow shovelling on Saturday so had some left to drink.

Your Choice


While all the snow we got wasn't "my choice," I am so happy that the kids are both meaningful contributors to our shovelling. We all worked really hard to get it done, and then we even helped an elderly neighbour for a bit. It took the four of us an hour and a half to shovel all the snow. Phew.

*week 61 of Lysha's challenge prompts. See her post here. 


  1. Ok my mouth is watering at that pizza- is it homemade? Looks incredible!

  2. Yum pizza and Prosecco, two of my favourite things! The snow looks so beautiful but it sounds like there is a lot of hard work involved to keep it under control and safe. I bet you are all looking forward to spring! 😊

  3. Classic fiesta ware plates!

  4. Such a great job! I love the view photo. And how cool to get to see 2 planets at once.

  5. Huh. I saw those two planets too and wondered what they were but got distracted before I could google it. Jupiter & Venus - very cool!

  6. SO MUCH SNOW. Really love the picture from Sam's window.


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