Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"It's Like An Overload Of Cuteness!"

A couple of weeks ago Rachel had her dance class observation. Normally, I get to watch as much of the class as I want through the window, but this week we were invited into the class to watch. 
Rachel was super-excited that Dave came to watch too.
At the end of the lesson Dave commented that every thing the class did just got cuter and cuter. "It's like an overload of cuteness!" he commented. I think there is no such thing as "an overload of cuteness" but we have agreed to disagree on that one :) I love how you can see Rachel's pointed toes in the picture on the right.
Rachel isn't supposed to be holding her skirt above her waist, but I like how it allows us to see her perfect plie! Also, all the girls' played with their skirts throughout the class. At one point Rachel's was right up at her armpits :)
The girls were showing us how they could travel and their teacher encouraged them to "smile at your moms and dads!" This is Rachel's attempt to move and smile at the same time. She is just as coordinated as her mommy!
Rachel wasn't so sure about bowing at the end. Ha ha ha!!!

And now, to convince you that it's worth the trip to Canada to see this ballerina in action, here is a short clip. (To those of you who are Facebook friends, I'm sorry for the repeat.)


  1. She is such a doll! We have observation night before Christmas Break. I'm kind of wondering how it will all work out, because my girls have overlapping classes. Yikes! Is Rachel's class a tap/ballet combo?

  2. That first picture - FRAME IT!!! Love this cuteness!!

    1. Thanks Bekah! And your framing it idea is a GREAT one!

  3. Ahhhhh this is DEFINITELY an overload of cuteness!!

  4. Well, it seriously could be an overload of cuteness, but I'm glad you shared it. I love it all! The skirt twirling and pulling up...all little girls must do it! I remember loving "twirly dresses" when I was little. :-)


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