Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Move Begins

Our official moving date is this coming Saturday. That is the day we have lined up friends to help us move our furniture. Our plan is to spend most of this week moving boxes and other assorted stuff in the back of our Toyota Matrix. Yeah, a Matrix is not that big. However, we are only moving about six blocks so it's not that bad.

Yesterday, Dave took the day off work and we started the more intensive moving and packing process. The best way to tell the story of the day is by providing you with a timeline. The times shown are from our camera's record of when the picture was taken.

At 9:09am Sam and Rachel did some packing in their rooms before Dave's parents picked them up. Sam and Rachel are staying with them for a couple of days so Dave and I can get things done without their "help." I particularly like the picture where you can see the puzzle pieces falling into the box as Rachel dumped them in!
At 10:30am I was shoveling sand out of the sandbox. The shovel I was using broke after about one scoop so I had to do the bulk of the work with Sam's little sandbox shovel. It was not near as efficient. Thankfully a couple of our neighbours took our sand so we didn't have to haul it to the dump.
Dave was loading boxes into the car while I dealt with the sand and at 11:12am Dave loaded the last box in the car. For this trip, that is.
By 11:50am all the boxes were loaded into the playroom. Dave then proceeded to move them to the areas of the house where they belonged.
Around 12:06pm I started the fourth, and final, coat of paint on the office. I was so sick of painting by this point. Also, I don't think the office is as startlingly green as it appears in these pictures. And also I forgot my painting shorts so I was wearing Dave's.
At 1:23pm I ate lunch on the floor while Dave finished the last five minutes of painting. Yes people, I was so hungry I couldn't finish five more minutes of painting.
At 2:28pm I was putting the last of the locks back in the doors. We removed all five locks and got them re-keyed. And then we had to put them all back. What a pain! (P.S. Dad, if you are reading this, we had a little trouble getting one back completely correctly and hope you will fix it for us when you come visit. Thanks!)
At 2:56pm Dave was overwhelmed by all the boxes in our new basement. However, before they overwhelmed him, he managed to organize them into sections. Yay Dave!
At 3:16pm Dave had a super-sized, homemade, iced coffee to recuperate. Oh yeah, did I mention the high was 27C yesterday. Blah.
At 6:10pm we went out for dinner and Dave had a Guinness to recuperate further! Ha ha ha!!! I would show you pictures of our dinner but we ate it too quickly.
After supper we did a bunch of moving related errands and acquired a shower curtain and hooks, an outdoor garbage can, some rope, some polyurethane, a diaper pail and some breakfast pitas. Sadly, we couldn't get this all at the same store.

And today we get to do even more moving. Lucky us.


  1. Ugh, moving is such a pain!!! You are giving me flashbacks. PTSD. Thanks a lot. ;) But hey, at least you look super cute doing your painting/shoveling/packing/sandwich-eating!!

  2. LOVING reading along with this journey!! I find no shame in needing to eat right before you're done with something. I'd have done the same thing. You guys are rocking this move! SO PROUD!

    1. I'm so glad you affirmed the not being able to last another five minutes before eating thing. And thank you so much for the encouragement about our moving process. It helped to keep us going :)

  3. That sounds like an amazing amount of work already done! I can't believe how efficient you guys are. Also, you look great in your tank top/shorts outfit. Good luck and see you on saturday.

  4. Good luck, and good job! Also, you make moving look chic with your hair kerchief. :)

  5. #1 - Wow, ya'll got a lot done in one day! :-)

    #2 - Yes, kids and moving do not mix!

    #3 - Ya'll fit a lot into that little Matrix! ;-)

    #4 - Yay for being done with painting! And you are definitely rocking Dave's painting shorts.

    #5 - Is it bad that I still have to look up the Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion? Haha! And isn't it weird that I think it is warmer up there than it is down here lately? It has been cloudy, rainy and cool here for the last week.

    #6 - And Dave, you definitely know how to celebrate! Drink one for me, okay? And how do they put the little shamrock on the top of the foam? :-)

  6. Oh my word. I am now dreading even THINKING about moving one day after reading this. We came home from vacation with what seemed like a TON of junk crammed all over in our car and then when it was dumped in our house it didn't really seem like much....WHICH makes me terrified of how much stuff we actually have in this house....and to move it all???? Like who even thinks about having to move things like the sand box??!! Maybe you would like to come visit and help pack when we move since you are now an expert?? No?? Are you sure???


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