Friday, August 30, 2013

Just Some Stories (And Some Sidenotes)

So I meant to write this post about a week and a half ago but then packing (and moving and unpacking) intervened and now it's two weeks later and I'm telling you some old stories. But I want to remember these events and this blog is how I remember things. (Sidenote/question: I love going back and reading my archives and remembering what was happening at that time. Do any of you ever do that with your blogs or is it just me?)

Sam decided to give up wearing pullups at night at the beginning of August. He just announced that he was done with them. And then he asked, "When can we have my underwear party?" (Okay, another sidenote: Dave's mom had offered to throw Sam a "panty party" once he was toilet trained but since I really don't like the word "panty" we changed it to "underwear." At the time I had NO CLUE that "underwear party" had a whole different connotation. (My question is "What kind of people go to these things???) And that's not the kind of "underwear party" we threw for Sam. We just wanted to celebrate the fact he is toilet trained.)

Okay, back to the post... Sam wanted to have his party at our new house, which if you remember, we hadn't moved into yet. So we decided to have the party at our empty house and tell people it was BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair). We ordered pizza, cut up some veggies, supplied some drinks and we were going to get an ice cream cake.
But then Sam came home from preschool camp that week with the world's biggest zucchini and wanted to make "chocolate zucchini muffins with sprinkles" for his party. So we did. Sam was excited about grating the zucchini (for about a minute) and licking the chocolate batter off everything (for the rest of the baking adventure).
Eventually we ended up with some awesome cupcakes/muffins. (Sidenote: I don't know whether to call them "muffins" because they are made with zucchini and applesauce or "cupcakes" because of all the chocolate and chocolate chips in them. Maybe I should just call them "muffin-cakes" like Sam used to call "muffins" a few years ago!)
Sam wanted streamers to decorate for his party so we hung some from our garage.
He also wanted a "people wash" made of streamers so we made that in the living room doorway. Every party guest had to got to walk through the "people wash" and Sam was thrilled!
It was a fun party which just goes to show, all you need for a great party are fun guests and good food. Who needs actual furniture?! :)

This party would have made the weekend fun enough (Sidenote: Is there such a thing as "enough fun"?) but then Donny and Marika stayed overnight. And the next day we wanted Vincenzo's sandwiches. Donny and I offered to go and be the hunter-gatherers and pick up the sandwiches. Then we had an argument over who was going to pay.

We had our credit cards lined up at the machine ready to see who would win the duel and then we realized we were likely going to break the machine. So we decided to play rock-paper-scissors (RPS) for the honour of paying. So we counted "one two" and on "three" I made my action. Donny said, "No, you have to wait until after 'three'." So we started again. But then Donny played my way and I played his way and we failed again. (Sidenote: There were no people in line behind us or we would not have been so annoying.) Then we agreed on the rules and played again. And we both chose "paper." (For those of you keeping track that's three rounds of RPS and still no clear winner.) So then we played a fourth time and Donny won. (He paid but did ask "Did we decide if the winner or the loser got to pay?!") By this time we were laughing really hard and the cashier was completely amused.

And then we went home and ate our sandwiches and decided that Donny and I are not only the worst hunter-gatherers ever, but also the worst RPS players ever. Don't sign us up for any competitions. (Sidenote: Did you know there actually are RPS tournaments?! One of the most bizarre things ever.)

And thus ends this walk down memory lane. Coming tomorrow, even more distant memories from this summer.


  1. I totally go back and read my archives. It's like I have my photo albums always with me because I read on my phone and computer. :-) I love your idea of the underwear party, but the other kind freaks me out. Sounds like college guys invented that one! I am intrigued by the chocolate zucchini cupcake-muffins and want to try them. And that Sam is so the people wash! :-)

  2. How fun! Yes, I want to know more about the muffins too!

  3. Holy moly, I want to sign up for the RPS tournament! My best friend and I used to make many a decision using RPS in college. :)

  4. I love going back to old blogs to see what was happening! Between the blog posts and the scrapbook - it's my journal of this season of life!! LOVE the party idea - LOVE the word muffin-cakes and love all the fun you have!! :)

    1. Thank you so much! And I'm glad I'm not the only blogger who reads her own archives!


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