Thursday, August 15, 2013

Housepainter NOT For Hire

From 6pm on Tuesday until 2:30pm on Wednesday I spent eleven hours painting. That's 11 out of 20.5 hours. I painted, and edged, Every. Single. Wall. in our house that we are painting. Some of them I even did twice. Sadly the other 8.5 hours were not spent sleeping, although some of them were. I am too tired to write a proper blog post but I wanted to show you some before and after pictures. Be warned though, we are not quite done yet. The greens are giving us a fair bit of trouble. In fact, as I write this post on Wednesday night, Dave is at the house painting a third coat on all the greens. However, behold...

The kitchen, before: a bright orange which clashed horribly with the natural looking wood.
The kitchen, after: a light blue (Cobalt Enamel, I think) which makes me soooooo happy! I love our kitchen now.
Our office, before: a dark green which was way too dark for me, given the lack of natural light in the office.
Our office, after: Irish Morning indeed. Or it will be once we get enough paint on there. This is after two coats and I'm thinking we're going to need at least four. But this room will be beautiful.
Sam's room, before: a horrible brown colour which I hated.
Sam's room, after: red (Old Glory), blue (Sail Away) and green (Wreath of Green). (Again, this is only two coats of green and it needs at least one more.) Bright and colourful for a kid's room. Sam commented on Sunday, after he had seen the first coat. "I'm going to wake up and be so ready to go in here!" At least he recognizes that fact :)
Today I get a break from painting because I am looking after four kids, my two and my friend's two. It will be a relaxing vacation after all that painting!


  1. So much color, I love it! When we moved into our current house, we were too new to the home-buying thing to think about painting, so with the exception of a couple of rooms, we have just been stuck with the boring neutral colors that we started with because it would take too much effort to move things out and paint now. Note to self for next time we buy a house... paint first, and don't be afraid of color!

  2. Man, my back is hurting just thinking of all that painting! You will definitely need a massage when you are finished. I love all the colors! I always thought I would like a kids' room in primary colors with a different color on each wall, but sadly, I haven't done one yet. If I had a real dedicated play room, I would definitely do it though. Sam's room is going to be awesome!

  3. I've been so behind on blog reading this week - so I'm just now catching up. I ADORE your paint jobs, though I am sorely tired just reading about it. (And this coming from the girl who loves to paint! I LOVE the colors you chose - and we have almost the same color kitchens now!! How fun!!

    YOU DID GREAT WORK!!! Now have a Coke...

    1. I'm way behind on commenting. I'm so happy with our paint and that's after living with it for about three weeks! Whoo hoo!!! And I had a lot of (way too much) Coke during our whole painting/moving/settling in extravaganza :)

      And I love that our kitchens are twinsies!

  4. LOVE all the colors-- Sam's room especially! What fun!!

  5. Love your color choices! And I love painting, but I think that much would totally do me in. Great job!


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