Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Day In The Life-Tuesday

I am posting this late because I stayed up way to late last night and it turns out I can't write a blog post when I am super-tired and getting sick. Who knew?!?!

This morning I woke up at 6:55 and read my Bible study lesson on Joshua. We are doing The Story and it is interesting to me to see how everything fits together. I'm really clear on what happens until the Israelites get to The Promised Land and I'm all over the New Testament, but I just find the rest of the Old Testament a little confusing so this has been a good study for me to do.
At 7:40 I made tea, toasted a bagel, and ate yougurt. Around 8:00 I woke up Sam, got him started on breakfast, woke up Rachel and dressed her and fed her yogurt. And argued with Sam a bit a lot about our plans for the morning. At 8:40 I got dressed, convinced Sam it REALLY was time for him to get dressed and by 9:05 we were out the door (about twenty minutes later than I wanted to be. sigh)

I drove to Elmira (about a twenty minute drive from here) and had the Bible study from 9:30-11:30. Both Sam and Rachel did fine in their respective nurseries and one of the other moms and I planned a play date for later this month. Yay for getting to know people.

By 12:15 we were home. Rachel fell asleep in the car so I transferred her to the futon and got Sam started on lunch as well as heating up lunch for me. I woke Rachel up around 12:30 and fed her too.
By 12:50 I was doing dishes. I won't post pictures of our dishes every day, even though they are a major factor in my life but, as I may have mentioned before, it is so satisfying to see the counter go from filled with dirty dishes to stacked with clean ones. And I realized today that Dave and I have never had a dishwasher in our entire time of being together so washing dishes has always been a part of our lives.
By 1:30 I was reading some blogs while the kids played. They were in good moods and playing well together so I didn't put them down for nap/quiet time at the regular time (Rachel napped for at least half an hour anyways in the car/on the futon anyway!) By 2:30 I had put Rachel down for nap and Sam down for quiet time in his room. He likes to play with Playmobil so that's what he was doing. By 2:45 I was doing computer stuff -- I finished sorting the pictures to print --YAY!!! and I read about the US elections. At 4:45 Sam was finished with quiet time so he hung out upstairs with me while I finished folding laundry from yesterday and put it all away, except for Dave's. Then Rachel woke up.
Dave got home around 5:15 and I caught up with him for a few minutes and then I went to work out. There is a Tuesday evening Sh'Bam class which I like to do and I did the weight circuit too. I left the gym around 7:10 and ran a few errands -- getting a gift certificate for some friends and sending a package to another friend. I was so flustered tonight I almost forgot to pay for the contents of the package before sending them off to The States which would have sucked!

I got home around 8:10 for a supper of salad and checking American election results. The kids were playing Dave got my salad ready since both kids immediately wanted my attention as I walked in the door. By 8:30 I was multi-tasking -- reading to Sam and eating salad in my pajamas. By 9:00 I was watching election results come in on NBC and talking with Dave, mostly about the election. At 12:38 I gave up on getting FINAL results of the US election and went to bed.

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