Monday, March 19, 2012

Good-Bye Kinsmen Centre

Starting in September 2009, I enrolled Sam in swimming lessons at the Kinsmen Centre. He took two-three sessions a year until this past winter. Check out some Sam swimming posts here (and some of the posts after that one) and here and here and here. Thanks to Alison, a New Mom's friend, back in Winter 2010, I learned how to walk to the Kinsmen Centre. It involves going up and down a REALLY. BIG. HILL. Thankfully, today Dave came along to Rachel's swimming lesson and I could take pictures of the big hill. And yes, I walked up and down this hill a few times when I was about 7 months pregnant. Take that Big Hill!

This is going down (and then looking up) the first part of the hill.

Going down (and looking up) the second part of the Big Hill, which ends at the beginning of the Noisy Bridge, so named because it is metal and is...noisy...when you drive over it. Sam likes saying, "3-2-1, Noisy Bridge" as we get near it.

This is the actual Kinsmen Centre where Sam has taken lessons, Rachel has taken lessons, and Dave and I have walked at the track and played squash. And now here are a few photos from Rachel's swimming lesson.

Who knows why they make the kids wear fire hats,
but it's a continuing tradition!

Rachel LOVES being on her back.
She looks weird in this picture because
she is floating on her back and looking at the camera!
And just for fun here is a video of Miss Rachel at swimming.

Farewell Kinsmen Centre! We will miss you.

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