Wednesday, March 31, 2021

What's Up Wednesday: March 2021

Welcome to the March 2021 version of What's Up Wednesday. As always, I'm linking up with Shay at Mix and Match Mama and Sheaffer at Sheaffer Told Me To to talk about what we've been up to lately.

March has been a bit of a slog for us. Our school's March Break was pushed back a month so we've just been going to school and work, and trying to find new ways to stay entertained. While things aren't as locked down as they were in January, they aren't all that open either. Thankfully we've enjoyed some amazing spring weather which has really helped.

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What we're eating this week... Dave makes a dish that uses beans but he never uses up a whole package. So I steamed the leftover beans, added in avocado and feta cheese, and tossed them in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Well, I can't make enough of this salad. The kids have been taking it for lunches every day and I have too!

We've also been eating birthday cupcakes since Sam turned 12 yesterday!

What I'm reminiscing about... As happens every March, I'm reminiscing about baby Sam. Like I said above, he turned 12 yesterday and so I'm thinking about those early baby days. Sometimes I miss them and other times, I really don't.

What I'm loving... I've been loving the small taste of spring we've been experiencing. It's been so glorious to sit outside and read with laundry hanging on the line. Spring is my favourite!!!

I'm also loving all the cards which Sam's friends made him for his birthday. After sitting empty for most of last year, it's so nice to see our "card window" full of cards again :)

What we've been up to... School, work, Rachel has dance three days a week -- it's just been business as usual around here. It's actually been kind of nice since last year at this time we were completely shut down. I can't think of anything exciting that has been going on except enjoying our amazing spring weather!

What I'm dreading... I'm really dreading that our kids might have to do online learning after our week of break in April. I really hope the schools open up again and that the kids can finish out the year in person. I think that, because we never went back after March Break last year, I just worry it might happen again. Thankfully, cases have remained stable (and relatively low) in our region so hopefully this won't happen. However, our province as a whole is not doing well... Ugh, Covid -- I hate you.
What I'm working on... My March goals. (You can read what they are here.) I'm really behind on them and hoping that I can finish some of them off this coming weekend, because early April is still practically March, right?!?!?!
What I'm excited about... MLB Opening Day is TOMORROW!!! So I'll be watching my Blue Jays play some baseball!!!! WHOOOO HOOOO!!! My Blue Jays kick off the entire MLB season by taking on the Yankees!
Toronto Blue Jays - Home | Facebook
I'm also excited that, with the warmer weather, we've had more opportunities to see people outside. I MISS PEOPLE. Yesterday, for Sam's birthday, we invited his friends (and their siblings) to play at the park after school for a bit (in lieu of a more official birthday party) and they had the best time. Seeing all the kids playing together (even though they were wearing masks) gave me such a lift. And the other parents commented on how great it was too.

What I'm watching/reading... I've been watching the temperature so that I can get my flowers outside whenever possible. We're having some colder weather these next couple of days so I can't plant them out just yet. As of tomorrow, however, I'll be watching baseball!!!
I need to be able to plant my flowers outside so we can use our back table again! Hahaha!!!
As for reading, I've been getting a ton done. Come back tomorrow to see all the books I read in the last half of March. The last book I read was The Engineer's Wife by Tracey Enerson Wood. I've also been reading articles on to catch up on all the baseball news :)

What I'm listening to... I've been working in a library almost all month and there is a teacher who has to teach in the library every morning. This teacher helps kids learn to read and I've been reminded of how reading doesn't come easy to everyone. So I've been listening to these kids work so hard to figure it out.

What I'm wearing... Shoes without socks whenever possible! Now that I've stopped wearing my socks, I am loathe to put them back on!
Me, this past Sunday, when it was barely above freezing but I refused to wear socks.
I am basically like a toddler :)  

What I'm doing this weekend... We're going to have a weekend of getting things done at home, I hope. And if the weather cooperates, we'll go to our in person Easter sunrise service. It starts at 6:30 so I'm only going if the weather is good! And we'll be streaming some baseball games!!! Yipppeeee!!!

What I'm looking forward to next month... A week off work and school for me and the kids. We don't have anything special planned but just a week without alarms and the morning rush will be glorious!

What else is new... Three of our four parents have now received the first dose of the vaccine and we are so relieved about it and so happy for them. One of our parents is a bit younger than the other three so was only able to pre-register for an appointment recently, but we're hoping they'll get it soon...


  1. That salad sounds amazing- would love the recipe of the exact amounts of each ingredient :) Those cupcakes looked delish too- yeah for flowers- you always get the best ones- can't wait to plant but we have to wait until Memorial Day Weekend due to the occasional frost- have a wonderful Easter weekend!

    1. I will send you the "recipe" for the salad but I kind of make it up as I go along :) And I will probably plant my flowers in a few weeks and then have to cover them with towels and rags about ten times while we still get frost warnings!

  2. Happy belated birthday to Sam!

  3. I am loving spring too!! I hope that you don't have to go to digital learning! Happy birthday to Sam!

    1. I think Spring is seriously my favourite season. And I'm also really hoping that we don't have to go to digital learning but I'm not very hopeful :( Ugh.

      And thank you for the birthday wishes for Sam. He had a great day!

  4. So great about the vaccines for the grandparents! Yay for baseball, I had a preseason game on the other day and was happy to hear Buck's voice again (and Pat, but less so, haha).

    1. I can't wait for the first official game tomorrow!!!!! Yay for baseball!!! And Buck :)

  5. I always miss the baby cuddles but when I REALLY think of what it was like to have a newborn/ baby around I don't miss it all that much. They are quite tiring for something so small! I hope he had a wonderful birthday. I think our school is going to go back to all distance learning after break too but so far they haven't said anything.

    1. We're supposed to find out tomorrow (maybe) and I just wish they could stay in person -- it's so much better for kids' mental health. And yes, I really don't want to go back to babyhood -- especially the sleepless nights -- but I would love some baby cuddles :)

  6. Happy 12th birthday to Sam!! Look at those baby pictures! ❤️ They grow so fast.

  7. Hurray for Sam's birthday and spring! So glad 3/4 of your parents are jabbed!!

  8. Happy Birthday to Sam! I hope you get to go back after spring break. I was so happy that we will get to!

  9. Happy birthday to Sam! I just can't imagine the on and off of school. Yay for MLB starting!

  10. Happy birthday to Sam!! Love the cards in your window. How thoughtful of all of his friends. I need to clear off my dining table, too. Mine doesn't have pretty flowers to plant on it but a mosaic and bits of glass instead.
    Hope you are soon able to wear sockless shoes and enjoy warm temps every day.

  11. Happy Birthday to Sam!!!
    You're like me... I want my feet to be free of socks all the time too!!!
    Reading outside - the best place to be


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