Friday, March 05, 2021

Be It Resolved: March 2021 Goals

I'm a little hesitant to write this post because I posted goals for March of 2020 and then the world as we knew it changed and goals were the last thing on my mind. I feel like I'm heading into a month of a little PTSD as I remember where we were a year ago. Are things better now? Maybe. At least we know (somewhat) what to expect. So with that caveat, here is my February goals recap and a few goals I'm setting for March.

1) Pick out January pictures for the calendars.

I did this in early February. I still love this photo of Rachel and I :)

2) Respond to blog comments within 24 hours.

I think I was doing okay with this and then I'm not sure what happened. I'm still trying to get better at this, but please know I really do love each and every comment you all leave for me.

3) Get my personal email under control. Right now I have 72 unread emails and over 300 emails sitting in my inbox. It's time to respond to them or file them as necessary.

This goal was awesome because it's a measurable goal. I filed a lot of emails, read a bunch more, and now I have no unread emails and only 73 emails in my inbox in total. I use my inbox as my "to do" so I still have a lot of things to get done but at least it feels somewhat manageable now :)

4) Get out for a winter hike each weekend.

We got out for hikes on two of the three weekends we could. (We didn't plan to hike the first weekend of February because of the readathon.) On the third weekend we were quarantined at home waiting for a Covid test result :( Our family is just so much happier when we can get out for a forest walk.

5) Organize the basement and the playroom.

I'm so excited that both of these areas got done! And done really well too!!! We cleaned parts of the basement which we likely hadn't touched in the eight years we've lived here. I know, that's gross but true :) We still have a few shelves to get to in the basement but I'm not stopping myself from saying that we rocked this goal!!!


Don't they look so much better now? And some of the bigger stuff in the basement, we will put out on the curb when the weather gets a bit nicer and I'm sure people will take it.

6) Read non-library books off my physical TBR.

I did not read a single non-library book this month. I am going to put this back on the list for April. Why April?, you ask. Well, our province has moved our school break to April so I will have a week off work and hopefully, some extra time to read.

7) Do a better job of tracking my water intake.

I also didn't do a great job of this. HOWEVER, I am getting so much better at drinking water this year which is actually what I'm wanting to improve. So I'm going to count this goal as achieved, if that makes any sense.

8) Deal with loads of laundry within 24 hours.

I'm not sure I got them dealt with within 24 hours, but they definitely haven't been sitting around for days like they were before. There is still room for improvement but I feel like I've finally started to climb the laundry mountain :)

9) Deal with some ironing and my mending pile.

I finished my mending in about twenty minutes on February 3. It's really pathetic that it took up so much of my mental space for so long and then didn't take at that long to complete. And the ironing I finished on February 10.

And now for some March goals:

1) Pick out February pictures for the yearly calendars.

I'm sure you guys will get sick of seeing this goal every month but, until it becomes a habit, it will be staying on the list :)

I think this picture celebrating the kids being back at school will definitely make the cut!

2) Floss every day.

I'm so bad at oral hygiene. I haven't made making a dentist appointment a priority and I need to, but until then I can at least make flossing a priority.

3) Clean out our bedroom closet.

Our bedroom closet has become a bit of a catchall. There is an empty box in there for goodness sakes. It's from Dave's work computer, but does it really need to live in our closet? It's time for a thorough going through.

4) Clean out hall closet.

I guess March will be the month of closets. But you guys -- it's seriously time.

5) Go through "the box" of books.

Our friends gave us a box of books from their parent moving back in October. It sat in our playroom for months and now it's been moved down to the basement. I really just need to go through it and determine if we want to keep any and get rid of the rest. If I don't add it to a monthly goal, it won't get done.

6) File our taxes.

The sooner we file our taxes, the sooner we get a refund. The big block to this is always getting all our papers together. Ugh. I hate that part.

7) Go through Rachel's clothes.

As a part of cleaning out the basement, we found a few boxes of hand-me-downs which Rachel is ready for but now her clothes don't all fit in her drawers. She has a small-ish dresser but it's time to get rid of some. 

8) Figure out Sam's birthday party (and present).

Last year Sam's birthday was two weeks after everything got shut down due to Covid. I'm hoping things will be open enough, or the weather will be nice enough, that Sam can celebrate with a few friends in person this year. I really don't want him to have to have TWO Covid birthdays. Also, do you have any great suggestions for a 12th birthday present? I am stuck... (PS. I asked Sam what he wanted and he doesn't know either.)

Sam, last year, shortly before his birthday. 

I'm keeping my March goals simple, mostly because I know I will be working all this month and it's going to be a lot just to stay on top of all the life things happening -- Sam's birthday, Rachel has some extra dance happening, and we have to keep pushing through another five weeks of school without a break. Let's do this!


  1. Good luck with your goals! Very inspiring- The water is a big one for me too- have a great weekend!

    1. I need to keep working on the water, even though I'm not making it a specific goal this month.

  2. The playroom and basement look great. I'm glad the kids have that wonderful extra space.
    I"m with you on is one of those things I don't want to do and am always stressing over.

  3. You have been doing great. I forgot to respond to blog comments from Tuesday - oops! We have a child heading towards a second pandemic birthday too.

  4. I hear you, it does feel a little spooky to be remembering this time last year.
    Good luck with the goals!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I have to keep reminding myself that (likely) the worst has happened and we're either in a holding pattern or... dare I hope?... getting better from here.

  5. Some great goals and so much accomplished!!
    Wow - Sam is 12!? Is there anything he loves, lego? puzzles? Maybe something that requires tinkering/coding?

  6. Good luck with your goals! I have to go through the boys' closets and drawers soon and I just hate that job. I really had hoped they'd just take over as they got older but they'll just keep piling new clothes in on top of old and never throw/donate anything.

    1. You mean to tell me they won't do this on their own as they get older?!?!?! Bummer.

  7. Congrats on the basement cleanout! Always exciting to tackle those areas. I am fiercely proactive about clutter in our house, but the basement is where I let it go. you mention Dave's empty computer box - I think I have several of those in the basement. Also, I have no ideas for 12 year old gifts as I'm still struggling on 8 year old gifts! The best I could come up with was a new character-themed backpack and new character-themed bedsheets.

  8. I have had a load of clothes in the dryer for a week, oops!


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