Friday, July 29, 2016

Wherein "Epic" Is Defined As "71 Hours In The Car"

We're going on an epic road trip this summer. In fact, we're leaving today. Yikes. And I figured if anything can get me back to regular blogging, it's documenting this trip.
We're taking seventeen days and five of them will be spent at my parents' house in Saskatchewan. Two of them will be spent visiting friends and family in Edmonton -- we haven't been there since we moved back to Ontario over four years ago. And some, or all, of twelve days will be spent driving.

I'm so excited to take in a couple of baseball games, meet some people I've never met, including a blog friend (!), and catching up with some people I really miss. And going to the World's First Target!!! I already have Ro-Tel and bows for Rachel on the list. Ha! I'm also looking forward to hanging out and reading a book while the kids do this:
I'm less excited about the 71 hours in the car, especially the last four days when we are driving home through Northern Ontario, which is very...sparse... but beautiful. Also, we have no DVD player in our car. However, I have created "Road Trip Books!!!" for the kids, inspired by many ideas on my Pinterest Travel board, so hopefully those will help. As will the "Road Trip Bag Of Fun!!!" (And yes, you have to market these things to kids with capitals and exclamation marks to really sell them. Ha!)

As I said above, I am going to try to blog regularly about this trip because when it comes right down to it, the blog is about documenting our family's memories, and boy, oh boy, are there going to be memories :) However, you can also follow me on Instagram because I KNOW I will be posting (over posting?) there.

So seventeen days, four provinces, seven states, almost 7,000km (4,400 miles) -- ready or not, here we come!

Read about Day 1 here.


  1. Safe travels and enjoy yxe while you're here!!!

  2. So fun!! I can't wait until Avery is at a less miserable traveling age and we can take more road trips! Looking forward to hearing about your adventure - especially the World's First Target part ;)

  3. Incredible! I cannot wait to read about your journey! You are a BRAVE mama!

  4. Northern Ontario is beautiful and you are right about it being sparse but there are some pretty cool stops along the way to visit and won't take long but will allow everyone to get out and stretch. The Terry Fox memorial and sleeping giant near Thunder Bay. The Wawa Goose. The petroglyphs on a lake Superior. The half way point of the trans Canada highway at Chippewa Falls. The Soo Locks and the swing bridge. The riverfront walkway is gorgeous. I see you ar planning on taking the ferry back and that is a lot of fun and definitely saves some time. Enjoy your trip. Daily Ste Marie is my hometown and some of the prettiest country is through that stretch of the highway. It's just too bad it's mostly two lane roads and a very busy highway.

  5. OH how fun! Be safe and have a great time! I can't wait to hear all about it!


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