Monday, August 01, 2016

Don't All Road Trips Begin With Baseball?

On Friday, shortly after noon, we finally left on our vacation -- one we've been planning for about seven months. Our car was packed up and the kids were looking at the Road Trip Books!
I was surprised, and amazed, at all the wind mills (or "wind turbines," as Sam informed us they are called) in southwestern Ontario. We saw thousands of them.

Our first stop was Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers. I was super-excited to discover that there was a Tiger carousel and a baseball Ferris Wheel. And of course, I, ahem, the kids, really wanted to ride them.
So we ate some ballpark hotdogs, watched a few innings of the game, and then set off for some rides.
We all rode the carousel (thus no pictures (except a few on the iPad)), but Sam absolutely did NOT want to go on the Ferris Wheel, so Rachel and I enjoyed ourselves. And Rachel scared the operators by leaning out too far to wave madly and yell, "Hi Daddy!!!!! HI DAAAA-DEEEEEE!!!"
We really liked the water fountain which would shoot up every time the Tigers scored. And since the score was 13-3 Tigers when we left, we got to see a lot of the fountain!
I felt bad that Sam ended up missing a lot of the game waiting around for Rachel and I to ride the Ferris Wheel. And he was really sad that we had to leave after the seventh inning stretch. But we wanted to get a little further down the road that night, and it was getting really late.
Night games are a stretch for our family, at this stage in life. But it was really cool to see the field all lit up.

And we are already planning our next trip to Comerica Park. Next time we go, we want to see our Blue Jays play the Tigers. And of course, I want another ride on that carousel, because isn't that what going to baseball games is all about?!?

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  1. Will wants to see the Tigers too. Should we plan a trip together!? :)

  2. I love the tiger carousel!!! Also I too hate Ferris wheels.

  3. How fun! I went to see a Tigers game a million years ago, and I had completely forgotten about the carousel!


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