Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dreams Are Coming True Or An Update On Week 27

So do you all remember way back when I used to blog regularly in January when I was doing the 30 Week Writing Challenge? Week 27 was about "How I envision my life to be." Go back and read that post. Have you done that?

Well, I somehow ended up with that dream job. Nope, not the making a living while blogging about drinking tea, although that would have been pretty cool. I am starting a new position as an administrative assistant/bookkeeper for about ten to fifteen hours a week. The organization used to be a non-profit but has recently switched to being a for-profit organization and they work with churches and businesses in conflict management and envisioning future directions.

The original organization was founded by a friend of mine and my former pastor, and my friend still works there. She was the one who sent me an e-mail back in April, asking if I was interested in applying. From the time of that e-mail until I got the job was almost two months, and it was the most fun interview process I've ever had!

I'm officially starting in September, since I am still working my original "full-time" job until August 31. However, I have started taking on some small tasks -- some bookkeeping and taking minutes at meetings -- over the summer. So I've gone down to 80% at my original job.

All this is to say that this summer has been a little intense! And that is some of what has cut into my blogging time. Needless to say, I am really looking forward to September when I will be done with my original job and only working ten to fifteen hours a week at something I love, for an organization which does work that I can really get behind.

And if that wasn't enough, there's this:
It's not the most elegant ambiance ever but we no longer have bathroom lineups. And I have never been happier about something bathroom related in my life. And thanks to our newest addition, I've also crossed an item off my bucket list. Whoo hoo!!! Sometimes it pays to have simple dreams :)


  1. Congratulations on the dream job...and on the toilet...lol. :)

  2. That's awesome, congratulations!!! Dreams (and prayers) do come true :)

  3. Awe, two awesome items off your wish list. I wish u had better excuses for my lack of blogging lately, but I hope to start catching up on my own and reading others' now that two kids are in school all day. Yes, it has been a crazy (and short) summer. And all I really want to do is nap. Haha! Blame this blasted heat! Can't wait to catch up more but glad to read this good news from you. Is the new bathroom in the basement for guests or elsewhere? Just wondering if it will be mine when I visit. ;-)

  4. Congrats on the new job! That sounds like a PERFECT mix of "some work but not too much." Hopefully when the kids are all in school, I'd like to find that sort of job


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