Thursday, February 19, 2015

Just Like Home. (Sort Of.)

In some ways, being in Mexico is just like being at home.
Dave still enjoys a late night snack of nachos and salsa.
(Except the salsa is homemade and fresh 
and "nachos" are the most amazing tostadas I've ever tasted!)
I enjoy a cafe mocha every morning, Mexican style.
(It's an espresso mixed with Hershey's syrup and warm milk. Yum!)
The kids enjoy playing.
(Except their "playroom" is the coffee table in the living room!)
I still do laundry.
(And I get to hang it on the line!!! Yay!)
I still do dishes!
(But I don't have to cook because Mom and Dad are doing it all.
For which I say "Thank you!" about a million times a day.)
Dave still reads Franklin books to Rachel.
(Except they read out by the pool in their bathing suits.)
Sam enjoys tuna.
(He just eats it on tostadas instead of rice crackers.)
I'm still trying to keep up with my daily Bible readings.
(I just read under a palm tree in the backyard instead of at our dining room table.)
 I enjoy my afternoon reading down time.
(I just get more of it, read in the hammock, 
and the bartender brings me a drink every afternoon.
"Bartender"=my dad!)
I try to get some blogging in.
(Just not as much as I do at home.)

See, being in Mexico, is just like being at home. Sort of!

*You can read the next post about this trip here.


  1. You just need to STOP!!! All this bathing suit and tank top and laying by a pool having drinks brought to you?! UNFAIR!!!! Okay, actually, don't stop. Just enjoy it enough for the both of us!!!

  2. I'm SO jealous. And SOOOOO cold! haha

  3. Love this!! Everything looks delicious, and it looks like you guys are having a grand time!

  4. I didn't realize your parents were on the trip with you! That makes the trip even that much more fun! You look like a model in the picture of you in the hammock. Very pretty lady!

  5. Mexico really becomes you all. Maybe you should be looking into permanent relocation? Hehe! Something tells me your parents may agree with me. ;-)


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