Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Sam's A Senior!

In Kindergarten, that is :)
And I think he's looking forward to it.

In our region, the Junior Kindergarten kids all had their "meet the teacher" day yesterday, so all the Senior Kindergarten kids had an extra day of summer vacation and today is their first day back to school. I, of course, cried as we dropped him off but Sam didn't seem phased.

A little Back To School Interview:

Name and Age: Sam, 5
Best Friend: I don't know. Mommy.
Favourite Colour: all the colours, except my favourite favourite colours are green, blue, red, purple, and pink
Favourite thing about school: lunch
Favourite book: The Brick Bible ("both testaments")
Favourite game: Monopoly 
Favourite thing about the summer: going to the pool,
What do you want to be when you grow up? A police officer.


  1. Hahaha...'I don't know. Mommy."...was that like a pity-BFF move?? Sheesh, Sam. Have a little more enthusiasm!

  2. I've never heard of junior and senior kindergarten until this year and now you're the second place I've read about it! HOW FUN!!! Both to be a senior so young...and that he's hit a new and wonderful milestone! :) I also love the Both Testaments answer!!

    1. I really liked the "Both Testaments" answer too. I also just love how many unique ways there are to help young kids engage with the Bible. Like Lego.

  3. Sniff...sniff... I can't believe he's so big!!! I hope he had a wonderful first day.

  4. I totally get the Junior and Senior Kindergarten. It is called all sorts of things around here just depending on where you send your kids to school. We just sent Evan to the four year old preschool class where Brody goes now, but you can also do state run pre-kindergarten classes that are in the elementary schools (those require you to meet income requirements though). My niece and nephews attended Junior Kindergarten at a private school which actually requires most kids to do Junior Kindergarten at 5 and then Kindergarten at 6 because they believe strongly that kids actually do better in school in the long run when they start later and are more mature. I know I had a late birthday in September so it was a choice whether I started kindergarten at not quite 5 or waited a year. Now, the deadline is that you have to be 5 by the first of September so I would have missed that one now days. Anyway, I think Junior Kindergarten/4 year preschool is very good for them as well as a lot of fun too. And now, he is very prepared for Senior Kindergarten! :-)

  5. Oh and do I need to make Sam a new profile picture for the blog with one of these pictures? :-)


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