Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Blog, Interrupted

This is likely the world's shortest, lamest blog post ever. I'm basically popping in to say, "I'm still here, living life, with absolutely no time to blog about it." This makes me sad because I want to document life. Things will calm down after this week and I will get back to regular blogging. However, Dave and I spent the evening at home together a total of once last week, and I was only home (and awake) for about two hours on Saturday. On top of that I've also spent about eight hours at the preschool since last Wednesday, with easily another eight to come in the next three days. And no, I'm not taking, or teaching, classes there :)

I have so many things I want to tell you but, between falling asleep around 9 or 10pm every night (I don't know why I'm so tired), cooking meals, running errands, and trying to spend some time with my family, I just don't have a spare five minutes to write a blog post. Except I just took five minutes, at 6:20am, while Dave is in the shower, to write this. It's the shortest, lamest blog post ever. I promise, my next one will be better.


  1. Sounds a lot like my life here lately. I can't wait to hear all that you've been up to!

  2. Hang in there...family comes first...

  3. I hear ya! Same way here since school and all the fall programs started for everyone!

  4. Yep, the craziness of fall has begun! The only reason I had blog posts last week was because I wrote them all last weekend and scheduled them. That's my little secret out of the bag. ;-)


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