Friday, September 13, 2013

Helping At The Farm

So someone asked me how I fill my time while Sam is at school. Honestly, while Rachel and I miss having him around, I am also enjoying just spending time with just Rachel. After all Sam had two years of our undivided attention (more or less) before Rachel came along so I feel like now it's her turn.

We have a play group we go to on Mondays, Rachel has preschool on Wednesdays and there's always laundry, cleaning and errands to do. Today, however, we did something a little different. We went out to my friend, Angie's, farm. Angie runs the CSA where we get all our amazing, fresh, local vegetables.
Rachel was a little freaked out by how windy it was today but eventually she got distracted playing with the pint (or quart? I can' remember) containers. Meanwhile I bagged salad greens (pictured above with Rachel), put beets and hot peppers in containers and pulled edamame beans off the plants. And I took some fun pictures of some of the produce. I especially love the picture below of the Indian corn. Fall has definitely arrived in our area today and it was fun to be reminded of it today out at the farm.


  1. What beautiful corn!! This is probably a dumb question, but...can you eat that kind of corn? If not, what do you do with it?

  2. How fun! I see that it's already jacket weather for ya'll! I love the time that I have at home when it's just Karsyn. I'm trying to do fun things with her, but you are so right, that laundry, dishes....all those things have to be done too!


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