Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Mystery Is Solved

Last night was Meet The Teacher night at Sam's school. I apologize in advance that this post may be kind of boring for most of you, except for maybe my parents, but I wanted to document Sam's first school days. The title of this post is in reference to the fact that parents don't generally go inside the school. I say good-bye to Sam outside, he lines up with his class and then the building swallows him up for six hours and twenty minutes until it spits him back out for me to take him home. Okay, that sounds a little dramatic but it has been very strange for me to not know what Sam does all day. So last night we got to actually see his classroom. I had seen it before when we went for our first day, forty minute visit, but it was neat to see it from Sam's perspective and with his explanation of things. He was very proud to show it to us.

I don't know what Sam's name tag is used for but he wasn't cooperating for a picture on his first visit day. I think he looks so unsure in the picture and I know it was taken on his first full day so he probably was. Or I'm just reading into things. Sam has told us a surprising amount about school, especially considering he never ever told us anything about preschool last year. Therefore we'd already heard about how each kid has a basket for their collection of things they find outside. Sam is obviously into gathering sticks.

Sam wanted me to read him a book in the reading centre so I obliged.
Rachel discovered another activity while I was reading to Sam and Dave and I had a good laugh about Sam's answer on the class list below. We think they were trying to establish classroom rules. Sam's idea about "In our class we..." was "count to 105 and even farther." Ha ha ha!!!
Supper was served before we got to go in the school. It was hot dogs and popcorn. The popcorn line was really long and we got some of the last twenty bags so we had to document our hard earned popcorn.
I was really glad to get a glimpse into Sam's life at school. His teacher, Ms. K., told us Sam has been doing really well at school and we were glad to hear that. We were even happier to see how comfortable Sam was in his classroom and how excited he was to show us around. Now I have a little more context for how Sam spends his days and a lot more reassurance that this really is a good thing for him.


  1. So cute!! I'm glad he loves school so much!!

  2. Will you please promise to never again apologize for writing about your kids and your life on your blog? That's why we are here reading...we want to know! Haha! Seriously, I love getting these glimpses into the mysteries of their days at school. I totally understand how you want to know what he is doing all day. I have had the same experience with Evan and am definitely having that experience with Brody since he says nothing at all about school. Haha! Sounds like Sam is having lots of fun in his new learning environment! :-)

  3. Not sure if you shortened Sam's teacher's name for protection, but if not, my kindergarten teacher was also Mrs. K! Of course, that wasn't her actual last name. Instead she her last name was so longer she went by Mrs. K to make things easier. Anyways, just thought it was fun to point out!


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