Monday, September 09, 2013

A Sweet Treat

Last night after a delicious supper of the last of our farmer sausage BBQd (SMS (Send More Sausage) Mom and Dad!), and some amazing grilled veggies from our CSA, we decided to pick up a few quick groceries and eat some ice cream. Rachel loved her ice cream cone and rarely took an eating break!
Sam surprised us by ordering Green Tea ice cream and eating the entire thing.
Rachel decided it was all fun and games until she dropped the remainder of her cone on the floor and then mean Mommy and Daddy threw it away.
And then we went home to bed.


  1. I mean, I would be A LOT angrier than that if I dropped my ice cream on the floor and had to throw it away... it wouldn't have been pretty.

  2. Rachel's ice cream face is adorable! I love green tea, but I think I'd pass on the ice cream. Haha! I cannot believe you threw that baby's ice cream away. Mean mommy and daddy! ;-)

  3. Green Tea ice cream!! :) Kate will eat Gouda Goat cheese, but not macaroni and cheese. Food snob I guess she is. Confession- I threw away a zuchinni because I didn't want to deal with it. I will send you corn and blueberries in a freezer pack and you return it with chopped zuchinni and pumpkin :) Deal?

  4. Eeek! Green tea ice cream?? That's something. I'm guessing the major appeal of it was the color.

  5. Could your kiddos be any cuter? They both look adorable!!! I'm just not sure about green tea ice cream????


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