Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday with Mommy

On Saturday Dave went to the Yom Kippur service and Sam and I stayed home. Sam slept for two hours and then Dave took Sam on some errands so I could finish a book and shower. It was a bit of a low-key day which was good since Dave and I were fasting. (I'm not Jewish but feel I need to be in solidarity with Dave.)

Sunday we decided that Dave would try and work all day and I would take Sam for the day. So I took Sam to the synagogue where we made decorations for the sukkah. Sam had fun picking out colours for the paper chain (he REALLY like the black) and dropping seeds on foam shapes spread with glue. Then he coloured and coloured and coloured a piece of paper which we then turned into a windsock.

After a busy morning I thought he would be exhausted. But he didn't fall asleep until an hour of crying, rocking and general whining. Fortunately Dave has the magic touch and managed to rock Sam to sleep within 15 minutes. Sam hardly ate any supper (Lazy Shepherd's Pie) and really enjoyed the strawberries I'd gotten him as a treat. When your baby has a cold you want to get them some of their favourite foods so they'll eat anything at all. Well Sam devoured the strawberries so I guess they were a good buy.

After a bit of playtime with Daddy Sam was off to bed. And that was our weekend. Somewhat low key, and not a lot of family time. Hopefully we can change that for next weekend.

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