Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sam's day out

On Monday Sam spent the day with Olivia and Marcia. And Abby, their dog. I was a little worried how Sam would do with Abby but supposedly he did fine. Which is great. When I came to pick him up Abby started barking and Sam said, "Fff, fff, fff" which is his way of barking. Then he ran into the kitchen so he could see Abby and then he started crying. I think he thought he was stuck because Marcia had to go rescue him. But Sam really seemed to have a good time which is great because I think he will have some more time at Olivia's house in the near future. And I'm not just talking about Mom's group this afternoon.

Anyways I got a lot of work done today, Dave got even more work done since he worked late and Sam got to play with Olivia and Kessler, who came over for supper tonight. Sam really likes watching me play "The Price is Right" on Facebook and announcing "bids"! He's pretty cute.

This morning we're off to swimming, although I haven't decided yet if we're going to walk or drive. Part of me is tired and feeling not great so that part wants to drive. Part of me realizes we might not have many more opportunities to walk so I should take advantage of walking while we can. We'll see which part of me wins this morning!

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