Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Midway through September

Yesterday Sam had his first swimming lesson of the fall session. He peed in his swim diaper before class and I think he scared himself because it took him awhile to get into the lesson. But once he was floating on his turtle flutter board and going under the water stream he LOVED it and was grinning and kicking away! He even was okay with being dunked by the end. And he loved the walk there and back, although Mommy didn't like the big hill :(

Then Sam didn't really nap (only 45 minutes) and we headed off to New Mom's group. Sam had a blast playing and eating muffins. And he stacked up little blocks to make a tower that was 5 blocks high. Yay for dexterity!

This morning Dave took Sam to a community playgroup. I had taken Sam to this play group a couple of times last fall but I think he was just too young (at 5 months old) but this year... Wow! Is he loving it! I took him on Monday and he played and tried to eat the other kids' snacks. Today Dave reported that he played some more and fell over the mini-picnic table bench. After play group he had a HUGE lunch and napped for 2 and a half hours!

Tonight Sam and I were listening to his Nursery Rhyme CD and the song 5 Little Ducks played. I lined up 5 ducks and had them go "far away" and not come back when Mother Duck quacked. I think Sam got a kick out of it. He was also giving High 5s to Dave and I and he has also started saying, "All done!" when you finish reading him a book. It's very cute.

Tomorrow is off to MOPS again and then playing with Auntie Tash in the evening while Dave and I get to go to a movie! Yay! I haven't been to a movie since January when Dave and I went to see Avatar. I'm excited!!!

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