Thursday, September 09, 2010


So I am realizing that the time with Sam is going way too fast and so I want to remember things from each day. And maybe post a picture too. I am writing this post at 6:45am on Friday morning because Sam has been awake (and we've been trying to get him back to sleep) since 5:30am. sigh.

Things to remember from Thursday:

-- Going to MOPS with Sam and he was so excited to be in the nursery. And the nursery workers said "Sam did GREAT!" And he was so happy to see me when I came up to get him.

-- Sam Skyping with my parents and wanting to show them all the letters on the fridge. He actually got the hang of Skype pretty quickly.

-- Reading "But not the Hippopotamus" to Sam while standing up and holding him and every time I said, "But NOT the hippopotamus" I would turn him upside down. He is at the point where he anticipated what was coming and was ready to be upside down.

-- Sam ate a TON of cauliflower potato curry for supper.

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