Thursday, June 24, 2010

Durnstein Hike

The highlight of our time in Durnstein -- apart from the excellent meal, of course -- was a hike up to the fortress where Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned for three years. Braving the warm weather and the steep trail, a small group of us hiked up from the town to check out the fortress and enjoy the view from the top.

Dave had an extra "handicap", in the form of Sam, who was strapped to Dave's chest for the hike up, and his back on the way down.

A view of the town, as we began our hike. As we climbed higher, we were treated to several amazing views of the Danube River valley.

Some farms across the river.

Looking back up the river towards Melk.
Looking out at Durnstein and some hills a bit further down the river.

Small towns in the river valley, further down the river from Durnstein.

Eventually, we reached the fortress itself. Dave thought this view of the valley through a stone archway was cool.

Natasha celebrating after having reached the top.

Dave, Sam, Tessa, Willem and Carol get a taste of being imprisoned. No one looks too concerned, though. Fortunately, everyone was let out after significantly less than three years.

Looking up at the fortress from the banks of the Danube.

After the hike and dinner, we're ready to get back on the bus and return to Vienna.

Up next: Stopping to smell the roses at Schoenbrunn palace.

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