Sunday, June 27, 2010

Auf Wiedersehn, Wien (Goodbye, Vienna)

Before leaving for Vienna, we fit in a few last sights and experiences.

A statue of Johann Strauss, famous for the Blue Danube waltz (and many other waltzes) in a park on the way from the pension to the Konzerthaus.

In the evening of our last second-to-last day in Vienna, Dave went to a classical music concert. The concert house was, like many buildings that we visited in Vienna, quite opulent.

On our last full day in Vienna, we went to Café Central, which was a hang-out for Vienna's intellectual and cultural elite in the early 1900's.

Sam visiting a statue of Mozart, near the Opera House.

Willem and Tessa posing near a statue of a Viennese general at the Albertina, a museum near the opera house.

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