Thursday, June 10, 2010

At the Opera

One of the focal points of the tour was the opera. Members of our group went to four operas over the ten days we were in Vienna -- An Italian in Algiers (Rossini), La Traviata (Verdi), Salome (Strauss) and Lohengrin (Wagner). Since Sam is not quite up to attending operas and concerts quite yet, we each went to one opera, Dave to An Italian in Algiers, and Natasha to La Traviata. While we couldn't take pictures of the performances, we did get several pictures of the beautiful artwork and architecture at the Staatsopera, the main opera house in Vienna.

A statue in the stairway leading from the main entrance, along with a frieze of some cherubs. I appreciate the cherub in the centre holding the "OPERA" sign, just in case you needed a reminder.

One of the staircases leading from the main entrance stairway.

The main gathering area is ringed by busts of famous composers. These busts are, in turn, surrounded by various paintings, ornamental designs, etc.

Detail of one of the ceilings in the gathering area.

This is relatively plain hallway off the main gathering area. Well, plain except for those giant chandeliers, and the parquet floor, and...

Some more artwork, this time from the main stairway.

Finally, we enter the opera theatre. Dave's seat was in the top balcony, towards the back, on the right-hand side (that is, nearest the stage). Although the sightlines weren't great, I could certainly hear everything just fine! Natasha had a better seat for her opera: in a box, in the second row of seats. One of the people sitting in the front row didn't show up, so the people in Natasha's box were able to take turns sitting in that highly prized front row seat!

Up next: The Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum)

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