Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Danube River Cruise

The next part of our day trip was a cruise down the Danube River, from Melk to Durnstein. Fortunately, the weather was beautiful, so we got to relax, visit, and enjoy the scenery.

Rolling green hills flanking the Danube River.

More rolling hills, this time with a few houses and a small church.

Terraced farming of some kind -- a vineyard? An orchard? In any case, the terraces were an interesting contrast with the wooded hills, and quite scenic in their own way.

Up ahead, we can see the small town of Durnstein. This town is famous for the fort at the top of the hill, where Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned for three years on his way back from the Crusades.

Here we are at the Blondel restaurant in Durnstein, where we had a fantastic dinner. In the background is the main church and a few other houses.

Up next: Hiking up to the fort!

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