Monday, June 21, 2010

Belvedere, Stephansdom Tower

Next on the itinerary was the Belvedere art museum. The Belvedere is a former palace that has been converted into a museum for Art Nouveau artists such as Klimt and Schiele. In addition to the artwork inside the museum (which we weren't allowed to photograph) the Belvedere is also well-known for its gardens and view of the city.

Looking diagonally across the gardens, which are flanked by stone sphinx statues.
Looking down the centre of the garden, and out across Vienna.

Sam hanging out with Willem while we waited to enter the museum.

Later that day, during some free time, Natasha and Dave climbed the Stephansdom tower, which gives a nice view of downtown Vienna. Fortunately, we were able to leave Sam with friends for an hour while we did the climb, so we didn't have a "passenger" for the trip :) It was a long climb up a narrow spiral staircase, but it was worth it!

Gargoyles, seen from a narrow window in the staircase.

The distinctive tile pattern of the Stephansdom roof, with some of Vienna visible beyond.

Turning a little to the north, we can see much more of the city, including the Graben (the line of buildings in the bottom-left corner leading to the green-roofed church).

Up next: A day trip to Melk Abbey, and more...

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