Monday, September 14, 2020

Down For The Count

Hello All! I am just popping in to say that due to a variety of factors I will not be around blog-land this week.

The main factor is that my computer got dropped over the weekend and it died. Dave is in the process of buying a new one for me but there are just a few things happening this week which means that getting me a new computer is not the first priority.

The first major happening is that, almost exactly six months since they last stepped into their school, Sam and Rachel are heading back to school (in person) TODAY!!! Their last day of in-person school was March 13. They will be going to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week and then back full-time starting next week. We are all very excited!!!

The second major happenings are activities for the kids. Whoo hoo!!! Rachel started dance on Saturday (with two hours of ballet and modern) and has another two hours today (jazz and the dance exam class). Additionally, Sam is getting a chance to play baseball for six weeks this fall. He had his first practice yesterday and has his first game tonight. (And of course they've grown out of their ballet shoes/baseball cleats/dance uniforms/baseball pants since the last time they did any of these things!)

The third major happening is that I am working full-time for the next few weeks. I have a half-written post coming about everything which has been happening with my work stuff but it shall remain half-written for a little bit yet :)

So, while I will be trying to read your blogs (on my phone), I will not be writing posts or commenting on your posts. I'm hoping this hiatus will last only for this week.

Thanks for understanding and, until I return, enjoy this picture of me indulging in a doughnut chocolate milkshake in celebration of Chocolate Milkshake Day on Saturday. Don't worry -- we shared two of these milkshakes among the four of us and it was still too much. Yum!


  1. Sorry about your computer but Yeah Mama on your job! Best of luck to the kids and hope they enjoy being back in the school buildings!

  2. Yay for back to school and all of the things! I hope it goes swimmingly.

  3. What a busy crazy tiime! Hope everything goes smoothly with the kids school & your job. See you soon around blog world :)

  4. Well I'll certainly miss you this week, but I can't wait to hear more about all the stuff abuzzin' for y'all - so much great, exciting, and NORMAL stuff!!!! {Except the computer issues, that blows.}

  5. ::dramatic voice:: The Great Computer Drop of 2020. :)

  6. What a bummer about your computer! And yes life is getting back to normal for us too. I have been lovin' the non-busy life! Hope your transition into busy life goes well. ;-)


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