Wednesday, January 30, 2019

What's Up Wednesday: January 2019

I haven't done a What's Up Wednesday post since June 2018. I like answering these questions as a way to fill you in on some of our happenings. They remind me of "Currently..." posts.
What's Up Wednesday
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What we're eating this week... We've been participating in a pilot project where we get to "explore" a new country each week. One thing we've started doing is eating food from that country for one meal during that week. The first week we ate all the bread and cheese when we "visited" France. Then we "visited" Niue and ate sweet potatoes (in a Moroccan stew) and bananas. Last week we ate Egg Fried Rice with Prawns when we learned about Singapore. This week we're "visiting" Uganda so that should be interesting. I love that this has gotten some new items into our menu plan and it's been fun to "eat around the world."
Thanks to some stops at Panera Bread on our recent travels, I've also consumed more than my fair share of their Cinnamon Crunch Bagels this month. Ooops.

What I'm reminiscing about... Our Disney Cruise which we left on a year ago today. You can read all my posts about it here.

What I'm loving... Every January (and sometimes into February), our grocery story carries tulips for cheap. I've loved filling our house with tulips this month.
We don't usually have this many at once but 
the kids wanted a bouquet to share so we picked up some extras.
What we've been up to... Did you read my posts about the Blue Jays WinterFest? You can find them here and here. We had the best time and Dave got to fulfill a bucket list item. We are definitely looking forward to our next WinterFest.

What I'm dreading... I don't know that I'm dreading much of anything right now but I should probably be dreading tonight and tomorrow when it's going to feel like -40C (I don't even need to translate that to Fahrenheit for you) with the wind. However, as long as it's sunny, I don't care too much.

What I'm working on... Planning our summer vacation! I'm so excited about it!!! It may involve planes, trains, automobiles, boats, friends and family -- a recipe for a good time!!!

What I'm excited about... Spring Training starts in 25 days. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! (That's baseball in case you don't know!) I will spend a lot of time doing this:
Streaming Spring Training games to listen to while I work.

What I'm watching/reading... Well this past weekend I read all the books during the 24in48 readathon. I read eight whole books and parts of three other ones. I'm excited that I read for 24 hours and 25 minutes! (I'll be doing a whole post on my experience -- likely tomorrow -- so come back then if you want to read all about it.)

What I'm listening to... Lately I've been listening to Sam and Rachel fight as they always want to practice piano at the same time. I'm torn between being happy they want to practice and frustrated that they fight about whose turn it is. And I'm also listening to each of them play!

What I'm wearing... My moose pjs and matching plaid toque from the Blue Jays WinterFest. I'm so fashionable. Ha!

What I'm doing this weekend... I'm worship leading at church and catching up on all the things at home after a busy couple of weeks. I'll probably do some cleaning, some sorting, some errands, and hopefully play some family games. It should be a nice, normal (boring!) weekend, but those are usually some of the best weekends.

What I'm looking forward to next month... After my parents got back from their month long trip we were talking to them and asking about their future travel plans. It turns out they have another month long trip planned and they invited us to join them for part of it. We thought about it for about two hours and then booked plane tickets. So I'm excited to spend some time with my parents, escape winter for a few days, and see a part of the world I haven't experienced before.

What else is new... Nothing else new.

Bonus question: What is your family's favourite Valentine's tradition? We don't really have one. We used to eat McDonald's on Valentine's Day (because it was the least romantic food we could think of), but we've stopped doing that. Our other tradition is that the kids always make their own cards to hand out to friends.


  1. Happy wednesday! Im guessing youre from canada like me based on the celcius and jays! The disney cruise was one of my most wonderful trips

  2. According to google, -40 C is the same as -40 F. This seemed incorrect so I kept checking and other websites agreed that yes, indeed -40C = -40F. YIKES! Also I like your Valentine's Day Mcdonald's tradition. We eat Chinese Food as our Valentine's Day tradition. We only get Chinese food twice a year (Valentine's Day and Adam's birthday) so it is pretty special.

  3. I saw a comment about taping construction paper hearts on your kids' door each day with something you love about them. I am going to start that tradition this year! I always buy the kids something small (like a book or movie or small toy - $10 MAX) to open day of.

  4. Panera did a special this month where I had a free bagel each day. While I didn’t go each day, I did have a ton of both cinnamon crunch and French toast bagels!


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