Friday, January 29, 2016

25 Things To Do Before My Next Birthday: An Update

I wanted to give an update on my Week 4 writing challenge list. I've only included items where I have finished them, or made significant progress.

4) Find a red accented necklace which I LOVE. When we were in The States at the end of August I checked Target, Wal-Mart, and Nordstorm. I looked at Kendra Scott online. I checked Wal-Mart and Old Navy here in Canada. I finally found a red necklace at Old Navy. I didn't love it, however, so I kept looking. And finally, in December, I found this one at Wal-Mart. And this goal was accomplished.
Please ignore the fact that I look ridiculous
and just focus on the pretty red necklace.
I can't wait to wear it with t-shirts in the spring and summer.

5) Learn to embrace my cell phone! If you send me a text you can now count on me responding within a few days. It would help if I could remember to keep my battery charged but I would say I make, or receive, about three phone calls a week so I'm getting there.

6) Get rid of the two potties in our house. I am thrilled to report that this goal was accomplished as of August 27!!! After almost five years of having a potty in our house, we are completely potty-free. It is as awesome as I imagined it would be :) And Miss Rachel is about this close to being night trained so we are almost pull up free too.

9) Reduce the "To Be Read" stack of books on my dresser. I've read about three books of that stack but added four more so that's a bit of a problem :)

13) Clean off the table in the basement. The table was totally cleared of all the random junk, was filled with my work stuff, and then we turned half our basement into a guest room. So that table has undergone a few changes but it's pretty useful now. And not just as a place to store junk. Ha! 

14) Learn to make flossing a (daily) habit. I've flossed a few times. I even bought my own dental floss so we're getting somewhere.

15) Finish our New Zealand photo book. We finished this in October and ordered it a few weeks ago. Now we just need to wait until someone goes to visit our American mailbox :)

17) Move Rachel to a big girl bed. Done and done :)
Miss Rachel LOVES her big girl bed.

18) Buy a queen bed for us! Again, this is done. And we only need to buy one more set of cotton sheets and then all our bedding is updated too. And both Dave and I are sleeping much better than we were so I'm very excited about this.
19) Get rid of the crib in our basement. And possibly the change table too. The crib exited our house on July 28. Whoo hoo!!!We've turned the change table into extra food storage in our basement which is handy.
Check out our change table food pantry!

22) Write some letters to my grandma, possibly with pictures of the kids enclosed. I've sent a few envelopes of pictures to my grandma and have more ready to send her on Monday.

24) Run The Resolution Run again. We walked it this year, rather than running, but the whole family did it so I'm counting this one as done.
So with basically three months to go, I've accomplished about half my goals. I better get cracking on the rest of them now. Yikes.


  1. I'm really impressed!! Especially by how much effort you put into finding the perfect red necklace, haha!! I do really like the one you got, though! keep an American mailbox? Tell me more!

  2. You're rocking 2016! So ready for the potty stage to be over here.

  3. Wow, when you make goals, you really accomplish them! And this is why I don't make definite goals for myself. I just don't want to feel like a failure when I can't accomplish them. Haha! Sounds like you have been working really hard. Way to go!


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