Monday, January 04, 2016

2016 Came In With A Whimper

We had a fun New Year's Eve/Day celebration but it didn't go at all as we had planned. First of all, after having the kids with me at work for four hours during the day, I had a headache and needed some space. So Dave made festive pancakes (fireworks) while I went for a walk to gather supplies.
Our plan for the evening was to go to New Year's in the square in our city. The kids did get to make some slime, but we found out there weren't fireworks planned and they had run out of hot chocolate. And, unlike last year, they didn't have party hats and weren't doing a New Year's toast, so we left early. Fortunately we were able to sneak in the side door of Starbucks about five minutes before it closed and remedy the hot chocolate situation.
Then we came home, ate chips and dip, broke out the sparkly juice early, and watched fireworks on the computer. It was almost as good as watching them in real life. Or not :)
On New Year's Day Dave made special toast, so along with our sparkly juice, we had a double toast.
And where was the whimpering, you ask? Well it came as we were participating in our 5K Resolution Run Walk, which we did while pushing the kids in the Chariot. I don't understand why we always get the worst weather at about noon on New Year's Day. It was quite windy and snowing and Dave and I may have started questioning our sanity at that point!
And more whimpering happened as Dave and I both took extra long, extra hot showers in an attempt to warm up.

And finally, to end things off, we managed to fit our "light adventure" in on Friday night. That's what Sam started calling our annual "driving around to look at Christmas lights" when he was about three, and that's been its name ever since. We all wear our pjs, drink hot chocolate, and try to find neighbourhoods with good light displays. We hit the jackpot this year so it was pretty excellent.
Now it's the coldest day of winter we've had thus far, and we're back into routine after two and a half weeks of being out of it. I must admit, as much as I was looking forward to a long break from our daily routine, now that it's back, I'm glad. Remind me I said that in about a month, okay? Thanks!


  1. The toasting toast is way too cute. We are out of school again today, but all of our after school activities start up today. I think I may have enjoyed being on break too much. I'm not ready. ha!

  2. Look at Dave's creativity with food!! 1000 points! I wanted to do a run on New Year's Day but Ryan had to work and I didn't want to go alone. Later I was glad because it was cold here too!! Too cold to run. Good job for pushing through!!!

    1. Notice how we didn't actually "run." That made it a lot easier! Although we did jog down all the hills as the Chariot kind of pulled us along. However, I always clarified to anyone who passed us that "we only jog down the hills" so I didn't feel like too much of an imposter!

  3. This looks fun. I actually like the part about watching the fireworks on the computer...too cute! :)

  4. Good job on the run! We do the same hot chocolate and lights tradition. :D

  5. Boo to the New Year's Eve celebration cancellations. That stinks, but it does look like we celebrated in similar ways. I personally like a more low key celebration in the warmth of our home in our cozy pajamas. I like Dave's special touches to the celebration with fireworks pancakes and champagne glass toast. Haha! Ugh to running outside in winter...or anytime really for me. haha! I actually do still aspire to do a 5K one of these days though. Yay for finding good Christmas lights to help make your end of year celebration complete!


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