Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Winter Wonderland

We woke up Sunday morning to snow. It's odd because I wasn't really expecting it. I mean, I knew they were calling for snow but our first snowfall of the season is usually a light dusting. This snowfall was some serious business though.
Of course, the kids were thrilled and, after church, they were eager to get out and play.
Dave was cleaning and I was organizing but I took some pictures of the kids and just enjoyed how much they liked playing together. Because I didn't want to interrupt them, I took these through the playroom window. And you can even tell it was snowing a bit more.
One of the really nice things about the parenting stage we are currently in is that the kids play really well together and without us around. I'm so happy the stage of constant supervision is letting up.
And I'm glad the kids enjoyed playing in their own winter wonderland.


  1. Looks like you and I were on the same page - not expecting much and ended up a little buried!

  2. Oh man, what fun!! And what a fun age for the kids!

  3. I'm jealous of your snow! My perfect time of year for snow is from Black Friday (because I like my Thanksgiving brown) to January. And then it can go away for Valentine's Day (which it never does, especially in NY, but I can dream).

  4. This Georgia girl always loves seeing your snow pictures! :)

  5. Beautiful! (Even though I know from family in the Northeast it's a mixed blessing to see that first snow.)

  6. What a beautiful snowfall! I know the snow that piles up on you later in the winter is less enjoyable because it is bitterly cold and makes a lot of extra work for you all so I hope the kids enjoyed this one. I am with you on enjoying the kids playing well together. Evan and Brody are also at the stage now with Brody able to play with big Lego sets with Evan. They have spent so much time in their room building this month while Evan has been out of school! :-)


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