Thursday, November 05, 2015

Week 20: Five Things I'm Passionate About

So I feel like if you've read my blog for very long, you will know these five things already, but I'll share them anyways. Also, I had a hard time thinking of things, so forgive the randomness of number two! Ha!

1) It will likely come as no big surprise to you that I am passionate about reading. I read all sorts of stuff and cannot pick a favourite book or a favourite author. I LOVE them all. A correlation to this is that I am passionate about libraries because I am cheap, so I love getting to read all the books for free. And I love participating in the 24 Hour Readathon, and am already looking forward to April :)
2) I am passionate about printing out pictures. I love looking through photo albums, and I love that the kids love looking through photo albums, so this is something I will continue to do. I think it's important that the kids have tangible ways to help them remember stages of their lives. At some point I'd love to print my blog as a book because it would be the ultimate photo album!
3) I am passionate about watching sports of all kinds. From the Blue Jays to our local junior hockey team to watching my youth from church play basketball, I just love cheering people on.
 Left: Sam and I at a junior hockey game; Right: Cheering the Jays on to victory!

4) I am passionate about traveling. I love to travel. I just like discovering new places. From going to New Zealand for two weeks with Dave to a Southern Road trip with our whole family to long weekends in New York City -- it just all makes me happy!
Dave and I in New Zealand, April 2014
Our family at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, March 2015

We're in the planning stages of another big road trip next summer which, if it all goes as planned, will be combining quite a few things I'm passionate about :) I'll fill you in when I can but it probably won't be until the spring sometime.

5) I am passionate about flowers. (And I'm sure you're all falling down in shock! Ha!) One of the things I absolutely loved about this summer is my flower share through our CSA. I loved getting awesome bouquets every week, with unique and beautiful flowers. I felt so showered with love for my birthday when almost everyone surprised me and brought me flowers. I love the flowers in our yard. Flowers just make me happy.
So there are five things I am passionate about. Of course I could list many more like my faith, my kids, my husband, Coke, my friends, blogging, hanging laundry on the line (HA!) -- but I was only supposed to pick five. It's probably a good thing too!


  1. I love this!! I love that you are passionate about printing pictures. I wish I were!! I always wish I had more photo albums. I have printed a few photo books since Millie was born, though, so that gives me like half credit. :)

  2. I really expected there to be 'hanging laundry' on here somewhere. :)

    Good to see a fellow library-lover. So few of us left...

  3. I am also passionate about printing out pictures, but I feel like I need to devote an entire room to all the photo albums!! Or else I need to decide my kids aren't cute anymore so I will stop taking pictures of them, ha!

  4. I felt like I knew all of these things about you. =)

  5. Hello, this is your Laundry Line...I'll be out back if you would like to apologize.....

  6. Way to sneak Coke INTO a to represent!! :)

    I have always wanted to see a printed out blog. A blogger I used to read {until she quit} printed her book every year but she never showed the inside, so I didn't know what it looked like. Maybe I should consult pinterest. Surely someone has blogged about printed blogs. :)

    1. Every time I've looked into, it's very expensive. And the thought of trying to narrow my blog down to specific posts is daunting. You have a GREAT idea to search Pinterest though. I'll bet there are a ton of great ideas out there.

  7. You're going to have to give me some tips on the photos. That is one area of life where I do NOT have it together!

  8. Yep, all things I think I already knew! But great things none the less. I wish I could be better at printing out pictures. I just take way too many and it is so hard to stay caught up. I gave up the year after Evan was born, and then I found blogging and still hope that I can print all of the blog in yearly or semi-yearly installments to capture our memories in book form. I have printed years 2003 through 2009 in 3 volumes. Those years were just the posts from 2009 (the first year I blogged catching up on our past memories). They were big catch up posts with lots of pictures though. I know the years since then will probably need at least two volumes a year with all the pictures I post. Ugh. Yes, it will be expensive, but I just need to commit to doing a book every few months or something.

  9. I keep wanting to print my blog into a book as well! I actually started doing it, and got like one month formatted and then quit. Hopefully I can make it happen eventually!


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