Wednesday, November 04, 2015

We'll Leaf Some Fun For You

We decided that we didn't have the energy for church on Sunday. We went to Sunday School and then came home. Although we didn't have the energy for church, I declared that we did have the energy for leaf disposal. As you can see from the above picture, we needed to find some of that kind of energy and soon.
Before we raked them up, we spent some time jumping in the pile, because what else would you do with a huge pile of leaves?
And then we stopped having fun and cleaned them all up. And then, for ten glorious minutes, until the wind blew, our yard looked like this:
That afternoon I finally took some time to turn our rally towels into pillowcase covers.
Can you tell I'm "fake sewing" in this picture?!
I forgot to get Dave to take a picture while I was actually sewing. Ha!
The kids love their pillows and sleep with them every night. In fact, Rachel has been carrying hers all around the house with Target Blanket and Funny Bunny. I'm glad they like them so much because it made them worth the effort!


  1. We need to rake our yard too! I'm hoping that we'll find some pecans when we do! Your pillows turned out sooo cute!

  2. You know you are a blogger when you fake pose for pictures for the blog. Haha! I love (and am envious of) the leaves and pictures. We sadly have no big trees in our new yard so no big piles of leaves to jump in. It has been too wet anyway so the leaves would have been a wet mess. Sigh. I really feel like we didn't do very much of our usual fall festivities this year. I am glad you got to experience many of those things though!


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