Monday, November 23, 2015

The Weekend What

My friend, Tracy, calls her posts about their weekends "The Weekend What" and, rather than coming up with a clever title every weekend, I'm just going to borrow hers. Thanks Tracy!

This weekend wasn't super exciting or super boring, it just was. On Friday night Dave and I had a date and, unusually, we spent it shopping. Since Channukah and Christmas are fast approaching, we decided our kids might appreciate some gifts. And we got most of our shopping done. We also checked out a great clothing sale for Dave and I and I got a great mid-weather jacket. I've worn it as often as I can since I bought it, and I LOVE it!

Saturday morning I caught up on folding laundry and dishes. It was super exciting :) And then Saturday afternoon was Dave's work kids' party. Our kids have a healthy mistrust of strangers and so refused to sit on Santa's lap or get a halfway decent picture with him and Mrs Claus. Since we don't "do Santa" in our house, I didn't really care and found it funny. However, they did thank Santa for the gifts.
And I have to say this for Dave's work -- they do an awesome job of shopping. Sam got a Minion nightlight which makes light patterns on the ceiling and Rachel got a Frozen puzzle and book.
We watched Despicable Me 2 with the kids on Saturday night and now we really want to watch the first one. Yes, before Saturday, we'd never seen either of the movies!

Yesterday we woke up to the first snowfall of the season and it was a doozy. I'm already sick of shoveling. Ha!
And the rest of the day was busy with Sunday School, buying some new beds (More on that coming next week...!!! ), and acquiring assorted bedding needs. Plus we did groceries, rearranged our outdoor clothes to fit with the weather (good-bye flip flops), and I hosted book club.

Like I said, our weekend wasn't super exciting or boring but it was a good weekend, nonetheless.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I was so sad to drag out my snow boots this weekend!

    I love their healthy mistrust of santa and mrs. clause! I can't say I blame them either!!!

    And I can't wait to see your new bed update! It's sad that such a thing would even seem exciting but I have a new found appreciation for furniture ever since I stopped being a student!

    Keep warm!!!

  2. I love the name Weekend What! So cute! And the Santa picture was cute too. Kudos to his work for including the kids! IWU did that when I worked there, and I was glad I was not on the gift buying committee, because there were a LOT of kids to buy for! No pressure!!

  3. It's almost gone, but happy Monday to you as well!

  4. Man, you and Dave are some productive people completing all of your Christmas shopping in one night. If it wasn't for Amazon, my kiddos probably wouldn't get anything for Christmas. Thank goodness, I can do all my shopping online and have it shipped to Eddie's office so the kids will never know. ;-) "Healthy mistrust of strangers!" I love it. Mattox was my first kid to not love Santa his first Christmas. Brody didn't start being scared of him until his second Christmas. Haha! And I love that you guys enjoyed Despicable Me 2. Those movies are so cute and funny. Minions wasn't quite as cute and had a few "suggestive" adult humor parts, but it was still pretty funny. I think I already mentioned that Eddie was super jealous of the snow. It does sound like a very productive know, a month ago. Haha!

  5. If you liked despicable me 2, just wait until you see the first. It's definitely the best one of the series.


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